The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

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I was reading about Jacob, Rachel, and Leah awhile ago… I am used to seeing the difference of flesh and spirit in reading the bible. One loved and one hated. Rachel and Leah were sisters and were both married to Jacob. They each had a maid servant that they gave as wives to Jacob to conceive children, so Jacob had like four wives at the same time.

All the wife swapping and swinging got me really upset. I took it personal.

A few months ago when I read this story the Lord told me “They’re all the same person.”

I usually understand this as the separation of flesh and Spirit within the same person… like two in the field, one taken, one left. One Spirit, one flesh. Same person. That’s what I thought the Lord was telling me… but today I read thru the story in Genesis 29/30 again, and again I got upset, and again the Lord told me the same thing as before, “They’re all the same person.” Except now I understand it differently.

They’re all Adam. All four women. God doesnt see us as individual people. He sees us collectively as one man. Adam or Christ.

When Jesus was drawing me to the truth, when I was baptized in the Spirit, there was a moment that Jesus opened my eyes and I saw myself as I truly was… seeing myself as God did in that moment… it was seeing the truth about myself that caused me to cry out to Jesus for forgiveness… a godly sorrow that He produced in me. I was in the darkness. I was the darkness.

I saw myself in the likeness of a snarled up dead tree branch.

I didn’t understand at the time what i was seeing, but that was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It was me.

If I could see the bigger picture of that moment, I would see that snarled up dead tree branch is all of us. Adam is the tree of knowledge. All of humanity is just one man. One tree. We are not individuals here on earth. God sees us all collectively as Adam until we are born again.

When Jesus gave sight to a blind man, the man saw things as they truly are. He saw men as God does. Spiritually. As trees. As I saw myself the day I was born again.

And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the town; and when he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked him if he saw ought. And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.
Mark 8:23‭-‬24 KJV



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