Moving Away

I’ve decided to stop writing on this blog and move away from the things I have been taught… move away from my own experiences… move away from the doctrines I think I know… and only know the Beauty of Christ and be found in Him. You can follow my new blog… “What is more, … Continue reading Moving Away

anti-sin is anti Christ…its not Truth

I've been thinking on this post for years... by Christ, in Him, we go frm sin to Christ…not to anti-sin, as its preached in th world and by the self righteous… sadly…most ppl who claim Christ have no idea abt the truth of sin…bc we can nname it, we think of someone is one thang … Continue reading anti-sin is anti Christ…its not Truth

The Hammered Heart

hand fabricated Last year I began to learn silversmithing. I had been praying for a hobby for years and finally in Nov last year, Jesus gave me this one. I got some tools, watched some videos, and jumped in with both feet.  Learning traditional silversmithing techniques of sawing, hammering, forging, soldering, filing, sanding, forming, and shaping … Continue reading The Hammered Heart

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

image from 123rf I was reading about Jacob, Rachel, and Leah awhile ago... I am used to seeing the difference of flesh and spirit in reading the bible. One loved and one hated. Rachel and Leah were sisters and were both married to Jacob. They each had a maid servant that they gave as wives to … Continue reading The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Knit Together

All things are fufilled in the Cross and Resurrection. Every truth and every revelation brings us into those eternal moments. Everything seen and unseen reside in those moments, the Cross and Resurrection is all that exist. The death of adam and the Life of Christ. Theres not the Cross, the Resurrection, and everything else in the world. … Continue reading Knit Together

Christ In You Is The Gospel

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; As it is written IN the prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, Which shall prepare thy way before thee. Mark 1:1‭-‬2 KJV In the beginning... in Christ... is the cross and the resurrection... in you... the gospel is Christ in … Continue reading Christ In You Is The Gospel

As He Is… So Are We In This World… The Second Coming

Image from A few years ago I understood that Jesus is already here, ruling and reigning in the hearts of His people. That His Kingdom is here now. I understood that the Second Coming happens when we are born again, that the Second Coming is the New Covenant. I understood that I am truly … Continue reading As He Is… So Are We In This World… The Second Coming

All Is Vanity

I used to be SOOO offended by people who went to church and celebrated christmas and easter...  after Jesus led me out of church and taught me about pagan holidays I couldnt believe that people claiming Christ would ever participate in those things... I've learned recently that those things don't even matter. They will all pass … Continue reading All Is Vanity

The Rapture

Image from The longer I walk w Jesus, the more understanding He gives me that all scripture is an illustration of Christ in you... the finished work of the Cross... and the separation of flesh and Spirit within the same person... Christ overcoming in His people. Goats and sheep... wheat and chaff... tribulation and … Continue reading The Rapture

How to Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

I was going to write a post about this... but I made a video instead! Text from the description: The real baptism of the Holy Spirit comes when Jesus draws a person to His Heart and shows them the truth about their own heart of sin. He brings them to a place of humility … Continue reading How to Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Judgment Seat of Christ

I remember being in the churches and hearing about the "Bema Seat"... or the "Judgment Seat of Christ"...or even "The Believers Judgment"...  those phrases are used interchangeably and taken from this scripture: For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to … Continue reading The Judgment Seat of Christ

Adam, the lawless one

Shall mortal man be more just than God? Job 4:17  Sharing my understanding of adam and what people call the fall of man...  I used to believe in the "fall of man"... the more I ask Jesus about things, the more I understand that there have always only been 2 players... God and man, Spirit and flesh, … Continue reading Adam, the lawless one

Zombie Apocalypse

Something so interesting happened to me recently, which caused me to understand something very profound and I wanted to share... The last few weeks I have been struggling so much with anger, rage, and hatred. This is new to me, because I have never struggled like this before in these areas. Not that I can remember … Continue reading Zombie Apocalypse

Babylon is fallen, is fallen

I have heard a lot people say that America is Babylon. I actually looked up the word Babylon the other day. It means confusion by mixing. I see that as mixing the things of God with the things of the world, as that causes much confusion. I don't believe that Babylon is a geographical location. I … Continue reading Babylon is fallen, is fallen

Christ Alone

Christ alone means Christ alone. Everything you need is found in Christ. Its Jesus + nothing.  I think so many that use the phrase "Christ alone" have never asked Jesus what that means and dont actually know Him personally. They just become words people say without understanding by people who arent even born again. Its Jesus … Continue reading Christ Alone

The Heavens Declare…

The heavens (nature/ creation/ Gods order/ kosmos) declare (prophesy/ are a shadow of/ reveal) the glory of God (the new covenant/ what Christ does in you) ; and the firmament sheweth his handywork (separation of flesh and spirit/ circumcision of the heart). Psalms 19: 1 I have been spending a lot of time at the ocean lately. It's a place … Continue reading The Heavens Declare…

The Gospel is a Revelation

But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.  For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.Galatians 1:11‭-‬12  For a long time I was asking Jesus, what is the true gospel? Even after I was born … Continue reading The Gospel is a Revelation

the love of the world is hatred

the love of the world is hatred... im not talking about loving the world and the things of it (world system, politics, religion, etc), which is antichrist, but the type of love that the world gives is hatred... the love that the world gives comforts the flesh. Its a love that is void of Christ.  Programs and … Continue reading the love of the world is hatred

this world is dark and evil but Jesus is the Light

I hate this world and all its darkness. I hate being helpless while people suffer and refuse to turn to the One Person who can help them. I hate that people have such a wrong idea of who Jesus is. I hate that kids grow up in a system of education that promotes things that … Continue reading this world is dark and evil but Jesus is the Light

The Testimony of Jesus

Behold, he cometh with clouds (in His people, filled w His Spirit); and every (spiritual) eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him (Christ died for all/ we ALL pierced Him): and all kindreds of the earth (IN you) shall wail because of him (the battle of flesh vs Spirit). Even so, Amen. Revelation 1:7 … Continue reading The Testimony of Jesus

The Laying on of Hands

I came out of a church that really focused on physical healing. They spent so much time praying for that. Putting their hands on people and chanting in "tongues". They were so focused on the flesh. I dont remember anyone ever actually getting healed of anything though. When I was there anytime anyone put their … Continue reading The Laying on of Hands

the cross is your reflection

The cross is a mirror and a reflection of our sin. A reflection of every good thing you've done and every bad thing you've done. A reflection of all humanity. A reflection of who you are. Charlene shared on this... Beautiful, convicting words. I've been thinking on those words for a few days. The title … Continue reading the cross is your reflection

The Mystery of Iniquity

Sharing some understanding Jesus has been giving me about the man of sin being revealed. Charlene and I were talking about this for awhile. All the mysteries of Gods Kingdom happen when we are born again... including the man of sin being revealed (mystery of iniquity). It's so offensive for most to to look at themselves … Continue reading The Mystery of Iniquity

Speaking in Tongues

Reblogging w some more understanding at the bottom... She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.Proverbs 31:26 October 2018 For the last 4 years I have been praying asking the Lord “What the heck is tongues?!?!”. In the church system I would see people speaking a gibberish language … Continue reading Speaking in Tongues

seeing thru the eyes of my saviour

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. -Matthew 5:7 Last year, I was working in a drug rehab as a house manager. One of the girls who came to live in my house, I was told before she came, was transgender, or had gender identity issues, and wanted to be called they/them pronouns … Continue reading seeing thru the eyes of my saviour

thou shalt make no graven images

back in November last year I was staying close to the beach for about a month.... I would wake up and walk about 50 feet to the sand... the majesty and power of the waves was breathtaking... there arent really words to describe the oceans majesty.... it's so vast, powerful, and mysterious.  while I was staying there, … Continue reading thou shalt make no graven images

Gods Orchestra 💕

saw this video a few months ago... (linked below)... it's this incredible musical marble machine... the detail and engineering is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen... Jesus told me that His obedient children are like the marbles... He leads us each down a different path... although He leads us all differently, together … Continue reading Gods Orchestra 💕

the law was all prophecy

Everything Jesus did that is recorded in the gospels was a prophecy of the new covenant... except He was showing us and not telling us. He was illustrating in the natural what takes place in the spiritual when a person is born again... When a person is born again(filled with Gods Spirit) , they are baptized … Continue reading the law was all prophecy

learn to be your greatest encourager in the Lord

I wrote this email to a friend earlier, but I wanted to post it because I feel like it might be helpful to someone else. I used to condemn myself and others a lot... especially myself. Jesus started to teach me to be my own best friend. To encourage myself in the Lord the way … Continue reading learn to be your greatest encourager in the Lord

Gods people are the lost and the broken

Have been thinking lately who are Gods people? There have been a few times that Jesus has told me that someone belongs to Him and you would never know in a million years...they arent walking with Him yet... someone struggling with gender identity issues, a woman trapped in religion, someone of a different faith, a crack … Continue reading Gods people are the lost and the broken

The Cross (from a newbie)

About a month ago I started asking Jesus to teach me about the cross. I never believed any church person that told me my sins were forgiven because they all practiced sin, and never really believed that I wias forgiven... It's been 2 years since I'm filled with the Spirit and the only thing I … Continue reading The Cross (from a newbie)

The Spirit Gives Life

There are NO barriers between a person filled with the Spirit and Christ Himself in the New Covenant. Anything placed between Jesus and a person is a stumbling block. It is the SPIRIT who gives life and nothing else. You can quote scriptures until you're blue in the face and have no understanding from Jesus (just like the Pharisees).The ONLY … Continue reading The Spirit Gives Life

No Sin Will Enter Heaven

Theres no sin in Christ... last year the Lord told me "No sin will enter heaven".... I took that to mean that I must clean myself up. IMMEDIATELY. To rid myself of any and all sin. To examine myself thoroughly and extensively and pick myself apart. I was looking at myself and judging myself so harshly because … Continue reading No Sin Will Enter Heaven