The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

image from 123rf I was reading about Jacob, Rachel, and Leah awhile ago... I am used to seeing the difference of flesh and spirit in reading the bible. One loved and one hated. Rachel and Leah were sisters and were both married to Jacob. They each had a maid servant that they gave as wives to … Continue reading The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Adam, the lawless one

Shall mortal man be more just than God? Job 4:17  Sharing my understanding of adam and what people call the fall of man...  I used to believe in the "fall of man"... the more I ask Jesus about things, the more I understand that there have always only been 2 players... God and man, Spirit and flesh, … Continue reading Adam, the lawless one

The Mystery of Iniquity

Sharing some understanding Jesus has been giving me about the man of sin being revealed. Charlene and I were talking about this for awhile. All the mysteries of Gods Kingdom happen when we are born again... including the man of sin being revealed (mystery of iniquity). It's so offensive for most to to look at themselves … Continue reading The Mystery of Iniquity