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New Domain Name

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know that I wont be renewing my domain name for this blog. As it expires soon, I will just have a free wordpress site, but the name is changing… I already changed it so there is nothing new that you need to subscribe to… all of my … Continue reading New Domain Name

The Hammered Heart

Last year I began to learn silversmithing. I had been praying for a hobby for years and finally in Nov last year, Jesus gave me this one. I got some tools, watched some videos, and jumped in with both feet.  Learning traditional silversmithing techniques of sawing, hammering, forging, soldering, filing, sanding, forming, and shaping metal using … Continue reading The Hammered Heart

Spiritual Things

I have not been born again very long. I came to Christ seven years ago. During the first four years, much of that time was spent learning to live as a normal person after two decades as a drug addict. Jesus was convicting me of a lot of outward sin and my life changed a … Continue reading Spiritual Things

Christ Crucified

Sharing some thoughts on Christ Crucified. I am starting to read through Job. Taking my time. I’m not very far into it. It’s a difficult book for me to follow. I get totally lost reading it in KJV… so I read each chapter in a kids bible version to get the gist of it, then a little … Continue reading Christ Crucified

Knit Together

All things are fufilled in the Cross and Resurrection. Every truth and every revelation brings us into those eternal moments. Everything seen and unseen reside in those moments, the Cross and Resurrection is all that exist. The death of adam and the Life of Christ. Theres not the Cross, the Resurrection, and everything else in the world. … Continue reading Knit Together

Christ In You Is The Gospel

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; As it is written IN the prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, Which shall prepare thy way before thee. Mark 1:1‭-‬2 KJV In the beginning… in Christ… is the cross and the resurrection… in you… the gospel is Christ in … Continue reading Christ In You Is The Gospel

Living Epistles

I just understood something so beautiful, I want to make a post about it so that I never forget. A few years ago I wanted to understand the Book of Romans…  I knew there was a bunch of truth packed in there and I wanted to know about all of it.  I read it over and … Continue reading Living Epistles


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