What Remains

 For a long time I couldn’t even praise God. It wasnt in my heart. Even after I was born again. I told Him that I dont want to be fake with Him or feel like it was forced… I’ve done that and it just feels so gross. He helped me with it, so that it came from the heart. He literally had to put praise in my heart for Him. Wow.

The only thing that remains it what JESUS produces in us when we yield to His Spirit. That’s what wont get burned up in the end. Its solid gold. Almost tangible at times inside of our Spirit. Jesus builds His City and His Kingdom in us with streets of solid gold. You can’t build a city or a kingdom overnight, it takes time and patience… but Jesus is the Master Builder and His Plans  include much tribulation and suffering… He takes the looooog way and doesnt cut corners or use cheap materials. That’s what refines us. 

We are the New Jerusalem ❤ A city set on a hill, a city who’s builder and maker is God.

And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.Revelation 21:21

5 thoughts on “What Remains

  1. I love this…i remmy when I was new in Christ n He was tskin me thru scripture…n took me to th elders who did nothing but bow down n rise up saying holy holy holy…n i thought real long n hard b4 I opened my mouth…i said…i know we supposed to praise u…but i think it wld be hard (insert “not fun”) fa ppl do that all eternity…in a second He put some praise in me n i was so filled n I said…ok I wanna do that…all eternity…lolol…n i meant it too…what passes fa praise in th earth is nothing like He got stored up to give us…


  2. For me it took a lot of time. My heart was so hard when I came to Him, He had to really break down a lot of walls. I didnt even know who He was or why I would praise Him. They’re just empty words if they’re not from the heart. When He started showing me people thru His eyes and showing me His language of the heart and compassion I couldn’t STOP praising Him! Even today I struggle sometimes… I ask Him to remind me of everything He brought me thru and then the tears start rolling and I remember who my savior is. ❤

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  3. yes…me2…i love that too…n i love that we have only Him to supply zll our need n whatever He desires frm us…


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