learn to be your greatest encourager in the Lord

I wrote this email to a friend earlier, but I wanted to post it because I feel like it might be helpful to someone else.

I used to condemn myself and others a lot… especially myself. Jesus started to teach me to be my own best friend. To encourage myself in the Lord the way I would encourage someone else who is struggling… if that makes sense?  Like instead of beating myself up when I fail, I remind myself that it is God who is faithful and even when I fail He has made a way for me and taught me valuable lessons from my mistakes. I remind myself of the things Jesus has brought me thru, even the huge mistakes I have made. That helped me so much… 

Like if your best friend was struggling with something… you wouldn’t yell at them and tell them how stupid and evil and disobedient they are? You would tell them that Jesus can change even the most hardened heart and how faithful He is to finish what He starts and to keep going to Him and stay with Him, seeking truth, and don’t give up…. that’s kinda how I stopped condemning myself… i started speaking to myself as someone whom Jesus loves … the way I stopped condemning others was to ask/beg Jesus to show me others thru His eyes. That changed everything for me. I started to realize that so many who are claiming to give messages from Jesus were hearing from a different spirit cuz they were just condemning others. Jesus has showed me transgenders, drug addicts, and prostitutes thru His eyes… He has so much compassion it brings me to tears. He sees that person who never got love as a child and has been looking for it in the wrong places…He shows me that He weeps for people, He doesn’t point His finger at them in condemnation… anyhow, that really broke that condemning spirit off of me. I still ask Him the time to show me people thru His eyes. 

One thought on “learn to be your greatest encourager in the Lord

  1. How true that we can be so harsh on ourselves and we wouldnt be like that with others. We can be our own worst enemy for sure!! Love that abt u asking Him to see thru His eyes. Im gonna ask Him the same!


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