The Hammered Heart

hand fabricated

Last year I began to learn silversmithing. I had been praying for a hobby for years and finally in Nov last year, Jesus gave me this one. I got some tools, watched some videos, and jumped in with both feet.

 Learning traditional silversmithing techniques of sawing, hammering, forging, soldering, filing, sanding, forming, and shaping metal using a torch and some hand tools… then on to buffing, polishing, tumbling… and then polishing again. A LOT goes in to making a piece of jewelry with your hands.

It’s a great way to learn patience.

Then I fell down a rabbit hole and started learning how to etch and cast metal.

Did you know that precious metals can be melted down and reused indefinitely? Nothing is ever wasted. I keep all of my scraps and mess ups to re-use for the future.

As I am learning this new skill, I see the Kingdom of God.

Jesus being the Master Silversmith.

As I work with silver, I see myself being shaped in the same way… inwardly. Formed with hammers and forged in the fire. Starting with something that is shapeless and formless and finishing with something beautiful and unique.

The “Hammered Heart” is the one who walks with Christ… formed and shaped by Him. 


6 thoughts on “The Hammered Heart

  1. This is beautiful Tatiana!! Wow.. what a beautiful way to know Him who forms us and forges us. He makes all things beautiful in His time. I love the meaning of “Hammered Heart!”

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