anti-sin is anti Christ…its not Truth

I've been thinking on this post for years... by Christ, in Him, we go frm sin to Christ…not to anti-sin, as its preached in th world and by the self righteous… sadly…most ppl who claim Christ have no idea abt the truth of sin…bc we can nname it, we think of someone is one thang … Continue reading anti-sin is anti Christ…its not Truth

New Domain Name

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know that I wont be renewing my domain name for this blog. As it expires soon, I will just have a free wordpress site, but the name is changing... I already changed it so there is nothing new that you need to subscribe to... all of my … Continue reading New Domain Name

The Hammered Heart

hand fabricated Last year I began to learn silversmithing. I had been praying for a hobby for years and finally in Nov last year, Jesus gave me this one. I got some tools, watched some videos, and jumped in with both feet.  Learning traditional silversmithing techniques of sawing, hammering, forging, soldering, filing, sanding, forming, and shaping … Continue reading The Hammered Heart