Living Epistles

I just understood something so beautiful, I want to make a post about it so that I never forget. A few years ago I wanted to understand the Book of Romans...  I knew there was a bunch of truth packed in there and I wanted to know about all of it.  I read it over and … Continue reading Living Epistles

As He Is… So Are We In This World… The Second Coming

Image from A few years ago I understood that Jesus is already here, ruling and reigning in the hearts of His people. That His Kingdom is here now. I understood that the Second Coming happens when we are born again, that the Second Coming is the New Covenant. I understood that I am truly … Continue reading As He Is… So Are We In This World… The Second Coming

All Is Vanity

I used to be SOOO offended by people who went to church and celebrated christmas and easter...  after Jesus led me out of church and taught me about pagan holidays I couldnt believe that people claiming Christ would ever participate in those things... I've learned recently that those things don't even matter. They will all pass … Continue reading All Is Vanity