Rest for the Weary Soul

There is a rest and a love that far exceeds anything else you will ever know in this world… that is Christ Himself. It is knowing Him. Knowing the depths of His Heart. Real intimacy with Him.

The truth of the love of God is what will heal your broken heart. Ask Jesus to teach you about His love for humanity and about the gospel. Gods love and mercy are far deeper than you can even imagine.

The longer I walk with Christ, the more I realize how different church is from actually walking with God. I have been to a lot of different churches, and it was always the same thing… it’s not fellowship among believers, each person being treated as equal members of the body, everyone sharing a revelation of what Jesus has been teaching them, but its a ritual of a song and dance, listening to one man give a sermon, and it’s a business. They have classes and studies and programs and outreaches, but never really leading anyone to seek Jesus for themselves until they find Him. Religion is so different from Jesus and I see that more clearly the longer I walk with Him.

Jesus Christ is so much more than a song, a ministry, a church service, or a bible study. He is the Living God and He Alone gives rest for the weary soul.

I think that His people will never find rest in religion because we want so much more. We want Him. We want to know Him intimately for ourselves and be taught of Him. We seek Him until we find Him. It’s extremely difficult to be in a church service going thru the motions when you know Jesus for yourself because it’s so vastly different from what true fellowship is. 

I had a clear conscience about going to church for a couple of years, and Jesus never condemned me… but He never let me find rest or comfort there… He wanted so much more for me. He wanted me to be taught and discipled by Him… which is what He desires for all men.❤

A cult in christianity is anything that adds or takes away from the finished work of the cross… including water baptism, bible knowledge, tithing, church membership, communion rituals, street evangelism, etc.

Jesus is not a “boss” that we “work for”… He is The Savior of the world, who does a work IN us.

Jesus builds His Kingdom is the heart. ❤

I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear (be in awe) before him. Ecclesiastes 3:14

photo by me!

One thought on “Rest for the Weary Soul

  1. Love this so much.. it was true for me too. I remember I had no intention of walking away from my church. I was too devoted to my own righteousness. Yet Jesus allowed it all to come crashing down, and I will be forever thankful! Hes so worth finding and knowing.. the imitation exchanged for the real!

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