He Draws All Men

Wanted to share this little word study I did… I am always learning and growing. There are things I used to believe that I dont believe anymore and things I didnt believe before that I do now… because my understanding has grown, or my heart has changed. I am always asking Jesus to reveal truth in me and i encourage everyone to do the same. 

Hopefully my writing is not too confusing… most of the time things make way more sense in my head because I tend to think in ‘pictures’…

I understand this might be a controversial topic.

I believe that Gods Grace and the cross go much deeper than anyone can fathom… and I have been asking Jesus about it for a long time…

John 12:32 KJV — And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

I have been thinking on this verse for days… chewing on it… asking Jesus for more understanding… I was wondering how does the cross draw all men? What does that even mean?

On the cross is where Jesus draws all men. That eternal moment in time over 2000 years ago… 

The word “men” is in italics in that verse, which means the translators of the KJV added it to “help” us. The verse should read like this:

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all unto me.

He draws all unto Himself… this word draw means to pull inwardly… and it comes from several root words… one meaning: to choose… and the other meaning: to raise up/ elevate/ to take away/ to carry/ to loose/ to lift/ cause to cease

Jesus took the sin of the world upon Him on the cross… sin is not just our actions… it is us. Sin is a person… look in the mirror and you’ll see the “man of sin”.

If we are all sin, and Jesus took the sin of the world upon Him on the cross… that means all people have been crucified with Christ. All.

I was thinking that word “draw” is not just referring to the cross but also referring to the ressurection… the definition and the root words fit both… Jesus was raised on the cross and was also raised from the dead.

Last year, Jesus told me regarding the doctrine of eternal judgment: “All sin has been paid for eternally for all people.”

I am definitely hesitant in sharing some things because I dont believe most will receive it… Jesus had to bring me to a place that I could receive it… let Him show you. Ask Him about it until He does.

I believe Jesus put His Spirit in all men… yet He is still separate (hidden) from us untill we are born again. It is written:

In the beginning (on the cross/ in Christ/ before the foundation of the world) God created the (new) heaven and the (new) earth.  And the earth (man) was without form, and void (of Gods Spirit); and darkness was upon the face of the deep (the sin of the world was upon Jesus). And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (drawing all men unto Himself on the cross).  And God said, Let there be light (His side was torn and His Spirit poured out): and there was light.  And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness (divided inside of all men… our flesh is the veil of the temple that hides Christ) . Genesis 1:1‭-‬4 KJV

Thank you StainedbytheSpirit for sharing on that verse in Gen 1:1-4

Can Christ be in men yet hidden? I believe so. The firmament separates the waters above (Spirit of Christ) from the waters below (soul of man). Man is the temple of God. Christ Himself is the division. He is the firmament.

When I was born again… I thought for years it was Jesus coming into my heart, but now I understand that it was satan (adam) being cast out… and Christ being revealed. [Now (on the cross) is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. John 12:31]… The veil in the temple (the darkness of my flesh) was torn from top to bottom within.

That’s what happens on the cross when Jesus’ Spirit is poured out.

My friends Charlene and Gianna shared… WE ARE THAT CROSS that Jesus bound Himself to and bled on.

Jesus is close to the suffering and the oppressed. Even those who don’t know Him. Even those who don’t walk with Him.

The cross is so that nobody is ever alone. Jesus lives the life of every person with them. He suffers with every person. That’s how beautiful Gods Heart is for His creation. 


This is how I am reading John 12:32
And I, if I (Jesus) be lifted up (crucified and risen) from the earth (adam), will draw (cause adam to cease [die] and lift him up) all into me (on the cross and pour my ressurected Spirit in all).

The cross is what allows Jesus to put His Spirit in people … drawing them to truth.

Nothing can stop the cross. Nothing can stop Gods grace or what Jesus did for mankind. Not even unbelief. The flesh doesnt believe… it never has…  the flesh blasphemes the Spirit all day long. The flesh IS blasphemy of the Spirit. As it is written in Isaiah 42:19 “who is blind but my servant (Christ)?”

I pray that people would truly turn to Jesus and experience His healing Spirit in their heart in this life. That they would turn to Him, in humility, and see Him with an unveiled face… to know Him as He truly is and to be changed by Him. It is knowing Jesus that changes a person.

That at the name of Jesus (in the power of the Spirit) every knee (heart) should bow, of things in heaven (in Christ), and things in earth (in man), and things under the earth (all flesh);
Philippians 2:10 KJV

I want to encourage anyone reading this who has not been baptized by Jesus Himself… seek Him for it as long as it takes and dont give up! I was not born again until 4 years after I turned to Christ… He had to bring me to a place of humility in my heart, a place that I understood that I was nothing but sin, a place that I could receive His Spirit… that place is the cross. He is faithful to bring you to that place… keep seeking Him. He is Faithful.

You dont have to continue suffering in the flesh (hatred, pride, bitterness, evil thoughts, vanity, greed, etc)… turn to Jesus and be changed… get to know Him… ask Him to reveal Himself IN you.

Let Jesus draw you to that place of humility… that place on the cross with Him… that place of knowing in your heart that theres nothing good in you and that you need Him.

Knowing Jesus is the answer for everything… seek Him w all of your heart for truth.

For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe.
1 Timothy 4:10 KJV

He is faithful not to lose one. Christ is Victorious. HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY.

16 thoughts on “He Draws All Men

  1. Love what u wrote. Thinking on all of that. I love what u wrote abt how the prince of this world is cast out. Thinking about Him drawing all to Himself, and how He purposes to be all in all. All things in heaven and earth, gathered in Christ. Im always learning about what He did too. It goes soooo deep.

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  2. There was a man from the land of Uz (wooded, The Cross) and he had three miserable comforters, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life. The story of the old man being made new…..GOD BLESS

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  3. And there came a messenger (person w the gospel/ Spirit of God) unto Job (Jesus Christ is come in the flesh), and said, The oxen were plowing (the work of mans hands), and the asses feeding beside them:  And the Sabeans fell upon them, and took them away; yea, they have slain the servants (flesh) with the edge of the sword (destruction of flesh by the Spirit) ; and I (Spirit) only am escaped alone to tell thee (only Christ remains).
    Job 1:14‭-‬15 

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  4. It’s very neat! I was just sharing w a friend that the slaying of the firstborn came right after 3 days of darkness… 3 days after the cross is the ressurection… like flesh vs. Spirit

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  5. I was thinking this wind from the wilderness could be either the Maccabean revolt too or the destruction of the Temple in 70 ad I will have to look at this one a bit more…..It would fit the timeline better….

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  6. ok so the great wind from the wilderness could be Herod, he was from Edom, wind can be anger, striking the four corners of the house of bread maybe Bethlehem, young men can be infants as this Hebrew word goes….and JESUS escaped….now that makes sense

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  7. ok I am so sorry but I am so grieved about this Tatiana….there is something here that just does not sit right in me…..everything is drawing me to Solomon….why don’t you have a look at 1 King’s and let me know what you think? The weight of gold that came to Solomon was 666 talents of gold every year..the weight, the burden of it, lust of it, desire of it. The sores that covered Job are related to burning, scraping himself, with its sharpness. Gold is related to sharpness as in karats….The Queen of the Sabeans came and tested him with tough questions….have a look…..GOD BLESS

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  8. Ok. I am not too familiar w first kings or much of the OT… I haven’t read all thru Job… just bits and pieces here and there… I’ll check it out… I know that scripture is always a revelation of Christ in you… the cross… the finished work… battle of flesh and Spirit… thsts how I read it and understand… I’ll check it out when I get a moment. 😊

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