Christ The Eternal Covenant

Sharing something I’ve been thinking on for awhile… i have a lot of time to think lately lol… I am just thinking out loud in this post.

I have been thinking of covenants a lot and asking Jesus about them for a long time. I know people always talk about the old covenant and the law… the Lord revealed to me that there is only One Covenant and it is Christ. He is the Eternal Covenant between God and Himself. Christ is the only Covenant.

I believe we are all born with the ability to know right from wrong. We all have a conscience… I think our conscience is Gods Spirit… theres not one person in the world who can follow their own conscience and do what is right in their own power… we must be born OF the Spirit. The law is Spirit that we cannot follow in our flesh. We are beasts in our flesh without Christ.

Not one person ever got saved from obeying the carnal law. I’ve heard people say that it’s impossible to obey the law of moses… there are a few places in scripture that i have read so and so was blameless under the law… Paul being one of them… circumcised on the 8th day, etc, etc… Elizabeth and Zacharias were both “righteous under the law”… and still they needed a Savior. 

Jesus didnt obey the law of moses in a carnal way… He fufilled the Spirit of the Law. Jesus wasnt righteous because He obeyed the carnal commandments… He was righteous because He is God Almighty…

My friend shared w me recently that the word “Torah” comes from a root word with a definition of flowing water… Gods Law is Spirit… it always has been… Christ is the Spirit of the Law… written on the heart of man who is born again… 

A couple times in the Book of John, Jesus is talking to the Pharisees and refers to the law as “YOUR law”… as though the law isn’t of God. That confused me until I understood that the law is Spirit and a prophecy of Christ… words that are Spirit and Life always point to Christ, His finished work on the cross, and the new covenant… mans inability to understand spiritual things causes him to apply those words to the flesh… that’s probably why Jesus said “Your law” when He was speaking to them instead of “Gods Law”… 

In Amos 5 and Isaiah 1 God says I hate your feast days, your solemn assemblies, and animal sacrifices… God hates that stuff… that’s not what its about… God has always been concerned with the heart and not rituals. 

I dont think the law of moses is a covenant… Man is unable to keep a covenant with God. Man was never able to keep a covenant with God. The flesh opposes the Spirit in every way. It always has. The flesh is anti-christ… how is the flesh gonna keep covenant with God? The flesh hates God… the core of every human heart is hatred.

The only way man can keep a covenant with God… is if God is inside man, and the covenant is between God and Himself… changing the heart of man to the heart of God, so that man can love God.

A covenant is something God joins together… like hearts. Our hearts are joined to His in the new covenant…

I am convinced that the prophets were all born again. I imagine them going thru religious rituals and thinking “there has to be more to it than this, this doesnt help me know God at all”… and then seeking Him,  being brought to a place of humility in their own heart, seeing themselves as they truly are, crying out to God for mercy, and being filled w the Spirit. God told Jeremiah he wouod find Him when he sought with all of his heart… I believe they were all born again in the same way we are today… maybe they didnt have understanding of the cross yet, but that doesnt even matter, them not understanding doesnt change what Jesus did for them. I didnt know anything about the cross when I was born again, it didnt stop Jesus from bringing me to a place of humility, telling me to cry out to Him, and putting His Spirit in me… Jesus had to teach me everything by His Spirit… Jesus teaches ALL His people by the Spirit… what Jesus did is eternal… the cross was for them just as it’s for us… all sin has been paid for eternally for ALL people… from adam to the last human on earth… before the foundation of the world Jesus was slain…. people have always had to turn to God for salvation… HE IS The Eternal Covenant.

The flesh is a prison. There is no escape. We cant overcome the heart of stone… theres no set of carnal commands or a carnal covenant that can change the human heart… We can try and try to overcome anger, pride, lust, hatred, etc… but it ain’t happening without the Spirit. We can change our behavior and act like nice people, but murder and hatred are still in the heart, even in the nicest of folks… and theres no law or covenant that can change the human heart except Christ in you.

I am seeing the carnal law is adam… it’s the flesh… a stumbling block… a huge stone that needs to be rolled away so that Christ can be revealed. It’s the flesh that has to be circumcised and overcome… the Law of God is CHRIST Himself… the Eternal Covenant

Know ye not, brethren, [for I speak to them that know the law], how that the law (carnal nature) hath dominion over a man (adam) as long as he liveth?  For the woman (weaker vessel, both men and women) which hath an husband (adam) is bound by the law (flesh/ carnal nature) to her husband (adam) so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead (adam is crucified with Christ), she is loosed from the law of her husband (loosed from the flesh/ carnal nature, free to walk by the Spirit).Romans 7:1‭-‬2 

And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven (Christ in you) : and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth (carnal nature is bound in man) shall be bound in heaven (restrained in Christ): and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth (loosed from our carnal nature/ circumcision of the heart/ division of soul from spirit) shall be loosed in heaven (Christ overcoming our beast nature). Matthew 16:19

8 thoughts on “Christ The Eternal Covenant

  1. Awesome, love all these deep things Hes showing u.. that HE is the covenant.. reminds me of the vs saying “I give thee as a covenant”.. He is our fulfilled covenant that we can only receive. I saw a post on IG that made me think of what u shared.. it said we have a paradigm shift going from striving (only flesh strives) to live for God to where Christ is truly living in us. What an amazing covenant.. who could imagine such a thing ❤

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  2. I enjoyed reading your thoughts- and I so relate to not even knowing what happened to me when I was born again until He taught me. He recently made what happened in the garden so clear and simple to me—it’s that knowledge of good and evil that we live by from birth. God breathed His Holy Spirit into Adam and said he would die if he ate it and He meant spiritually dead, not physically dead. He meant for us to have His Spirit in us from the beginning but sin entered and Adam died spiritually and now we’re all born of water (our mom’s 😉) spiritually dead. The Holy Spirit regenerates us and that means we get new genes. His genes. This just really brought it on home for me- thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thanks for reading! I used to think adam had the Holy Spirit but now I’m not so sure… I’m still asking Jesus for more understanding about that. And what being slain before the foundation of the world really means…

    I think that being born of water and being born of the Spirit are 2 different ways to say the same thing… that we must be born again… I could be wrong but that’s what I believe Jesus showed me.
    I know people think being born of water means to be water baptized and I know that’s not right. Lol

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! God bless!


  4. Have been thinking on your comment a few days and thinking about the garden and creation a lot and wanted to share my thoughts… these are just my thoughts…

    If God breathed His Holy Spirit into adam, then adam would be righteous like Jesus… but he wasnt… there were always 2 trees in the garden (of adams heart)… the will of man (tree of the knowledge of good and evil), and the will of God (tree of life)…

    No one eats from the tree of life without going to Jesus because He IS that tree… 

    I thought about a scripture in Job that says “shall man be more just than his Maker?”…

    I’m still thinking and praying on this and still trying to put the pieces together to understand the garden and adam and Gods breath but just wanted to share! I tend to overcomplicate things and Gods truths are very simple. Lol. God bless!


  5. Adam was righteousness and holy like Jesus in the beginning. Look what God gave him. Domination over the birds and every thing that crawled and walked. We do not have that today. Because Adam lost that when he sinned.


  6. Adam was first in the image of God. And when you see later on Adam had children in his image NOT GODS IMAGE. Because Adam lost that when he sinned.


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