Christ IN you IS the Song of Songs

All of last year the Jesus took me thru the book of Revelation… showing me how it’s a revelation of the gospel… of Christ IN you (the end of the world IN you/ the battle of flesh vs Spirit). I have some notes posted of some of what He has showed me from that book on this blog…

A couple months ago the Lord told me: ‘There are deep revelations in Song of Solomon. Just as the book of Revelation is a whole revelation of Christ in you, so is Song of Solomon.”

Jesus plants His Garden in our hearts. A fountain of gardens. A well of living water springing up. Words of Life that bring freedom to others.

I never wanted to read Songs… all that talk of  intimacy made me really uncomfortable… I always felt like i was intruding on someone’s personal, intimate, moment… until Jesus gave me understanding… He is the best teacher.

The song of songs (Christ in you), which is Solomon’s (peace). Song of Solomon 1:1 

Christ IN you IS the new song of Revelation 5:9

Song of Solomon is so similar to Revelation… even though they seem so completely different… in Rev, the imagery is Christ consuming and destroying our flesh (heart of stone/ every beast and false prophet IN us) from the inside by His Lake of Fire (which IS the Crystal Sea of Pure Glass and Living Water), while at the same time, building His City in us (New Jerusalem) and in Songs, it’s the same revelation, only using different imagery.

5 thoughts on “Christ IN you IS the Song of Songs

  1. The sad part Tatiana is that most people will never give the HOLY SPIRT the time….they have time for football and hockey and their family, all the other things in life, that they love and they say are important but they can never seem to give JESUS any time at all, the one that has given them their very life. That is so very sad and heart breaking. GOD BLESS

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  2. Love this post, beautiful! Ultimately, everything testifies of Christ! It always speaks of Him. People only have words from a book until they see Him.

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