Love Is…

Love is rehab for the heart. It is building relationships with people regardless of where they’re at in life, what their social status is, no matter what kind of darkness they’re in. Love is being patient with people and being kind to them regardless of how they treat you. Love is to care about what others are going thru… and at times to go thru it with them.

Sometimes loving people means to leave them alone and to give them space to find Jesus for themselves. Sometimes it means to reach out and be a friend or an encouragement… to share Jesus with them or to share a truth that will set a person free.  Sometimes it means to pray for them. Sometimes love comes as a rebuke.

Love is an easy thing to talk about and a very difficult thing to put into practice. Especially when it means to love the unlovable. To love someone who is full of hatred towards you. To love and help someone who will never appreciate you or love you back… this is the kind of love that Jesus teaches His people. The difficult kind. 

Its easy to love the unlovable from far away in a way that’s not too personal… to watch someone’s story of trauma on a video from the comfort of our own home and feel pity for them or donate money to a cause, but it’s not easy to love the unlovable up close and personal, and to continuously love them. It’s very different to love an unlovable in person and to keep loving them. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of time and patience to rehab a heart with love. Nobody can do it in their own strength. Jesus has to do it thru us.

Throwing money at people doesn’t fix them. Love does… only Jesus knows what each heart needs in each moment and what love is for each person.

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