Outer Darkness

I remember in 2014 laying in bed and Jesus showed me a soul in hell… I was a baby Christian at the time… still in church… the same year I came to Christ…  the soul was a family member who is still alive… it was completely black in darkness and the soul was tormented because they were alone… crying out… hopeless… there was no way out… the torment of not knowing Jesus playing over and over in their head… immense suffering…

something very interesting is I remember thinking is this eternity or is this now? There were no flames… just darkness… hopelessness… weeping… being completely alone. after I saw that I ran downstairs and told them that they needed to turn to Jesus so they wouldn’t go to hell…

Then, in 2019 Jesus showed me the same thing… except He showed me it was in the center of the earth… sealed… hopeless…. no way out… 2019 was a year that I learned a lot about God’s Heart. I learned a lot about His Character, and His Love for humanity. I started to question the doctrine of hell after Jesus showed me He is close to the suffering and the oppressed… even those who dont know Him. I saw people suffering through the Eyes of God and started to question everything .

Then 2020….I learned that WE are the earth…the center of the earth is the heart of man… that all the suffering is in the flesh… here and now… in this broken world (a heart without Christ is broken). I finally understood that vision of outer darkness from 2014 and 2019… Jesus was showing me what is going on in a person’s heart apart from Him and how they are suffering because they dont know Him.

I understand now that Jesus was showing me what the flesh is… here and now… when I take my eyes off of Jesus I am right back in torment… the torment of my own heart apart from Christ. Doing things my way is torment. When I start to wander off in my own doctrines it causes me confusion and torment in my spirit… even today. The human heart is deceitfully wicked and who could know it?

I believe that outer darkness is outside the gates of God’s Kingdom, which is here now. It’s the flesh . God’s Kingdom, the New Jerusalem, is Christ inside of a person. It’s the New Covenant.

I have learned that He never gives us the whole picture…. little by little He gives us understanding and then things make more sense… we learn more about His character and His Heart as we seek Him…. He shows us the bigger picture over time… as we seek His Heart and seek the truth about all things.

2 thoughts on “Outer Darkness

  1. Love this post.. really amazing what He revealed to u abt the outer darkness. What He sees is the Truth and not what we see with our own eyes. I always want to learn more abt how He sees, hears, feels, thinks, etc. So true abt how He reveals in layers over time.

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  2. Identify with Christ in all his ways, and receive his spirit, and walk in the light of his eyes. ‘I am crucified with him.. Christ lives in me.’

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