Babylon is fallen, is fallen

I have heard a lot people say that America is Babylon. I actually looked up the word Babylon the other day. It means confusion by mixing. I see that as mixing the things of God with the things of the world, as that causes much confusion.

I don’t believe that Babylon is a geographical location. I believe that Babylon dwells in the heart of each and every person on the planet. It’s the will of man, the  flesh, the heart of stone, the line of Adam, the antichrist spirit… Whatever you want to call it, it’s the same thing. Only Christ is truth and every4hing apart from Him is confusion and lies (Babylon).

I believe a person is either in Babylon or in Christ.

The reason that Jesus calls his people out of voting is because all government is corrupt,  the government in other countries is no different than the American government,  because people are people, and without Christ the heart of man is completely corrupt. There may be different levels of corruption but everything apart from Christ is sin. The very core of each and every human being is sin. I think it was David who wrote we are born in sin and shaped in iniquity…

… That’s why Jesus came, and that’s why He died on the cross…

Nothing of the flesh (ourselves) pleases God… nothing… only Christ indwelling a person and changing them (not mixing [Babylon]… but Christ alone) is what God accepts. 

I’ve been reading Isaiah lately and I have seen so many parallels to the Book of Rev…

And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen; and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground. Isaiah 21:9 

I see Babylon falling as the old man falling away when a person is born again… satan is tossed off the throne… all the confusion and graven images being smashed and conquered by Christ when He indwells a person. 

Babylon is fallen is a prophecy of what Christ does in the New Covenant.

Just sharing my thoughts.

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13 thoughts on “Babylon is fallen, is fallen

  1. Soooooo love this…purity Jesus…sll truth…its so ridiculous how th world n organized religion n denominations think they understand n curse n threaten n hate based on their own heart understanding when they dont know truth at all and are just stumbling in the dark…Jesus Christ is th truth n apart frm Him is only darkness…

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  2. Thats way out…yrs ago th Lord showed me how th german word fa sausage…wurst…is where we get our word war…wurst means a mixture…n th Lord told me mixture is confusion…fusing together…not pure…i forgot abt that bracelet post…do u know i actually cant wear it because th new metal had a bad reaction on my arm…th original metal …i wore it fa yrs even swimming with it n never took it off until it actually broke…i remmy wirdt when i resd this post…

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  3. I finally found it in th garden blog title is…we are th cross…but th stupid iphone wldnt let me just get a copy of th link…i hate my iphone…lolololol…cant wait to get back to samsung…

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  4. Love this post, n our convos abt Babylon! Love how the Lord revealed abt confusion, same way He showed Gianna b4. He is not the Author of confusion. I love so much the illustration between the kingdom of babylon in man, or the Kingdom of Heaven in us.. also how there is either the old man reigning or Christ reigning. The ruler changes the kingdom entirely. Babel back then was ruled by Nimrod/Baal.. wondering if the bible calls the old man on the throne Baalam. Just deep things to wonder abt, love this! I remember so many also saying it was the vatican that was babylon, and i knew a fam that moved out of america for a while thinking it was babylon.

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  5. I know a guy who just left America bc he thinks its babylon… made me think of when I was a drug addict I wouod move all over the state and even left the state trying to get away from myself so I could stay sober…. but I could never escape myself… my nature followed me everywhere…

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  6. I think thats spot on! If its not truth then its confusion. Same as if its not Light then its darkness and if its not Christ then its antichrist.

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  7. I loved that you compared Isaiah with revelation, because they both go hand in hand as far as prophesy. The fate of Babylon in Isaiah is also the fate of Babylon the great spoken of in revelation as history repeats itself. (Ecclesiastes 1:9). What was will be again and so it is with Babylon. It’s not just America,but all nations that forget God will fall! Your analogy of Christ in a person makes the seperation of who will fall and who will remain in Christ will stand for all eternity. Great Post. God Bless and keep you always.

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