The Heavens Declare…

The heavens (nature/ creation/ Gods order/ kosmos) declare (prophesy/ are a shadow of/ reveal) the glory of God (the new covenant/ what Christ does in you) ; and the firmament sheweth his handywork (separation of flesh and spirit/ circumcision of the heart). Psalms 19: 1

I have been spending a lot of time at the ocean lately. It’s a place I go to be alone w Jesus and sit in awe of Him. The ocean is a parable of Jesus. It is so vast, mysterious, and majestic. Nobody could ever explore the entire ocean in a thousand lifetimes. There are depths in the ocean that no one has ever seen or will ever see. Ever. 

I have been seeing more and more how nature declares the glory of God, which is the new covenant (Christ in you).

Listening to the waves crash against the rocks with such power… this is how sand is made. The rocks are crushed into a fine powder over time as the waves continually crash against them, again and again. 

The sand below started out as part of the cliffs above. The cliffs are giant rocks. Completely solid. Do you know how much continual force it takes to make fine sand from a solid cliff? ALOT!

The force of the waves pound against the cliff, breaking off big chunks of rock. Those big rocks being pounded again by the waves to make smaller rocks, then smaller and smaller, until sand is formed.

Jesus does that to our heart of stone. Continually crushing us and chipping off pieces of the hardness until what was once hard becomes dust. He increases in our hearts as our own heart of stone is chipped away and we decrease.

Watching a tornado Jesus said “that is what I do in your heart”… ripping through and destroying everything in its path… watching an iceberg fall into the sea I saw how Jesus chips away and removes all the hardness and consumes it with His Spirit (the mountain is removed and cast into the sea)… pregnancy, marriage, nature, birds flying, wind, weather, agriculture, creation, gardening, it’s all a parable of what Christ does in you in the new covenant.

#newcovenant #godsglory 

2 thoughts on “The Heavens Declare…

  1. Beautiful abt the sea and how nature declares Him. The invisible things are made clearly seen.. testified of and we are without excuse. I love that abt making sand. He makes our heart new, of tender flesh and the stone is removed/circumcised. Amazing when we finally realize His Hand was in everything all along, that He was drawing us to Himself and working in us. Even the beating of the waves can be a blessing. Hope u have been doing great! I love the photos you share!

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  2. Great post! There is a place that looks very similar to this where we hike a lot…’s beautiful….I will have to send you some pics sometimes….the rocks are blue too just like in your pic! GOD BLESS and have a wonderful day!


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