Jesus The Author of Life

The words of Jesus bring LIFE, TRUTH, and FREEDOM.

Early in my walk i had a neighbor who had cancer… i didnt even know him but several times Jesus led me to make him chicken soup and delivering it w a note encouraging him to trust in and turn to Jesus w all of His heart to get him thru it. I dont have a clue if he knew Jesus or what his life was like.

When I was first born again I watched a few videos that really messed me up… One guy that said Jesus gave him cancer for spending too much time w his grandkids… seriously?  … and another girl saying that Jesus gave her mom cancer as a righteous judgment because her mom was so evil. Her words  affected me deeply before I got to know Jesus for myself.  Jesus led me away from her channel because I was being influenced by her.

Someone recently told me if you project the image to people that you know God better than most people, and make an authoritative statement, it will affect people deeply who dont have a huge amount of discernment yet. That’s exactly what happened to me.

Hearing these videos that Gods righteous judgment for someone’s evil mother was cancer and Jesus gives people cancer if they spend too much time w their grandkids and the attitude in which they spoke their words affected me deeply and caused me to look at Jesus as a monster for a really long time… is Jesus the giver of cancer or the Author of Life?

 I’ve been asking Jesus about it for a loooooong time… The things He has shown me about sin in hearts of others was never to make a spectacle of them for the world to see. And at times, when I have called someone out publicly, exposing them or exposing their heart, Jesus let me know that’s not how we do things. He even told me to have mercy on those who speak about Him like He is a monster and those who live in hypocrisy because they are blind and deaf to His Heart. Whoa.

I started hearing a spirit this year that was going to give my mom cancer to “wake her up” and it put me in a place that I thought I needed to protect my mom from Jesus because He was going to kill her, instead of wanting her to go to Jesus for life. It reminded me of hearing videos of people saying Jesus gave others cancer as some type of judgment. Maybe they were hearing from that same spirit…  idk… but it wasnt the Jesus who shed His Blood to set a person free from sin.

Have been thinking that sickness is here because we live in a fallen world where there is sin. The flu is sickness just as cancer is sickness. Innocent children get cancer and they get the flu just as wicked adults get it. i have been sick since I’ve been born again. If sickness was a judgment for hearts according to wickedness, I’m pretty sure most politicians would be dropping like flies from it… and all of Hollywood too. We live in this world in the flesh which is dead and dying. Jesus said the Galilaeans were not worse sinners because they suffered more. (Luke 13)

I have family members with hearts who are hard towards God… I thought Jesus hated them for a long time because of that girl who said Jesus gave her mom cancer because her heart was evil and the way that she spoke about it, but recently Jesus showed me my family all bound up in chains of hatred and anger and how He came to save them from those chains and how He wants to set them free from all that junk in their hearts. Nothing in them has changed but I feel so much compassion for them now, knowing they are bound and in prison. It causes me to pray for them according to Gods heart and weep for them instead of condemning them… I understand how Stephen was asking God to forgive those with evil hearts who were murdering him, he forgave them w the heart of God (Christ in him). Jesus leads me to pray for my enemies… Teaching me to speak with humility. Knowing Jesus doesnt make me better than anyone or my heart better than anyone elses… my heart was just as wicked before Jesus gave me His, and apart from Him it’s still wicked.

ALL hearts are evil. They are ALL stone without Christ.

Jesus separated me from my family for over a year… and at first I thought it was because He hated them and they were so evil because they dont follow Jesus, but over that year that He separated me He taught me about His Love, and about His Heart for the lost and how much He loves humanity and WHY He went to the cross. He separated me from my family for a time so that He could change ME before He sent me back. He did not want His Name coming out of my mouth when I was speaking from a heart full of hatred.

Jesus has been teaching me to speak words that are Spirit and Life (from His Heart/ Christ in me) that set people free from bondage… anytime He has led me to speak about a sin issue in someone else it was always in private, in humility and always after He would share His heart w me about it so that I speak from a place of wanting them to be set free, and not from the flesh, thinking that I’m better then them just because I know Jesus. When Jesus calls someone out it’s because He wants to bring freedom to them. Speaking the truth from a heart full of hatred is what Satan does, and that affects people deeply when you put Jesus Name on hatred.

He has been teaching me that the whole point of life is to build others up IN HIM, even those who dont know Him. To be a light and an encouragement in a dark world, sharing the truth in love. Speaking words that are truth/Spirit to build Gods Kingdom in the hearts of others. To let people know what Jesus did for them on the cross and how there is hope and freedom in Christ. Its THAT simple. THAT is how we love others as ourselves and that is also how we love Jesus with all of our hearts.

God can use anything for good to draw people to Him, including sickness… and even including fear of hell.

The torment and hopelessness that is hell and what Jesus came to save us from goes WAYYY deeper than people think… Jesus shows us a little bit at a time (Charlene says He doesnt dump too much water at once on tender plants) and He builds and builds on each revelation, including the revelation of hell, which i have been asking Him about. Six (ish) years ago, He showed me hell was a place of souls in hopelessness and torment, of knowing exactly why you’re there and all the chances you’re given to go to Jesus, several years later He showed me it was IN the earth and it is hopeless and sealed, and a year after that He showed me what the “earth” was. A reference to a human. Ultimately, i believe hell is a revelation of the human heart of stone without Christ. Thats where all the hopelessness and torment is, that’s where the gnashing of teeth (anger) is. Hell (spiritual death/the grave) is outside the gates of Gods Kingdom which is here now (Christ in us/ the new heart)… whether suffering goes on for eternity is something I dont believe anymore. I’ve been seeking Jesus about it, I quit believing what people have told me about hell and just go to Jesus for truth… people always ask what happens when you die, but we are born dead … the Second Death is the flesh (this life in Christ where Christ IN us is victorious)… and the Spirit of God (Lake of Fire/ furnace of affliction) consumes all flesh (from without and also within), and hell (every beast and false prophet IN you rising up against the knowledge of God [your heart of stone]) is thrown into the Lake of Fire to be consumed. the only thing that remains is Christ in a person, what HE produces. The Lake of Fire is a Mystery of the Kingdom. A revelation… meaning you must seek Jesus about it for understanding. Ask Him what it is.

I’ve seen Gods heart for the suffering which caused me to ask Him about hell. Jesus has always shown me that He wants to save people from the sins that have them bound and make them a new creation.. only the new creation (Christ indwelling) can love God.  He wants reconciliation.

The love of Jesus goes so much beyond what anyone can even comprehend or fathom when you truly understand why Jesus went to the cross. If you have never asked Jesus WHY He went to the cross, I encourage you to do that and let Him build on that revelation in you. Jesus is the love of our life and came to set us free from the sins that have us bound up in chains. It is for freedom that Christ set us free. We dont even realize the torment and bondage we are in until we are set free. Gods Love is selfless. Agape. God thinks NO evil about His enemies. His Heart is pure towards them. Always wanting the best for people (which is literally Himself).

ALL hearts are wicked, evil, and void of love without Christ indwelling. From the soccer mom to the girl scout, to the mass murderer…. a heart void of Christ is the same. Evil and full of hatred, just manifesting in different ways. That’s pretty much EXACTLY why Jesus came. We are ALL bound in hatred without Christ… nobody knows how to love without Jesus because love ONLY comes from Jesus. Leviathian is a picture of the human  heart of stone that is void of Gods Spirit. Scales of pride so close together they are sealed and no air (Spirit) can penetrate. (Job 41)

Hell (the heart of stone) is naked (no covering of righteousness) before him (a person void of the Spirit), and destruction (the flesh) hath no covering (of Christs righteousness). Job 26:6 

What if there was no threat of hell? What did Jesus come to save us from? What if He saw the brokenness of mankind and came because He loves us and it hurt Him deeply to see all the suffering caused by sin? Why did Jesus come? I asked Jesus this for a long time… then I saw the answer.

And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.
Matthew 1:21

Jesus came to set us free from the heart of stone. To give us HIS Heart. The save us from the sins that cause us so much torment. He came to set us free.

The wrath of God was poured out on the cross 2000 years ago. Gods righteous judgment is the cross.

11 thoughts on “Jesus The Author of Life

  1. In the Garden Jesus says something very perfect. John 17:2 KJV “As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.” Power over all flesh, eternal life to as many as thou has given him! Not just as few, not just a couple million, ALL FLESH! All means all. We all died we all live. Some just have not realized it yet! Oh but you can’t run from love forever! lol God will get ya! Great post and God Bless!

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  2. Powerful truth. Thank you for sharing this. Many people need to know the truth in Jesus. The world and the enemy always make a way to distort the truth. Our God is God of love. And in Him is true freedom and peace. As you have said, it is sin that destroyed His perfect plan for us. But it is in Jesus that we are offered redemption. Praise the Lord!

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  3. I fell on my knees 22 years ago and made a deal with God or so I thought that if he saved my mom from cancer I would give up my sinning life and it was truly bad! They gave her between 3 to 6 month to live but God found us a believer surgeon in Italy that where I am originally from and gave her a surgery took her left lung out. God saved her from chemo as well, she survived 11 years and died of something different at 81 years old .I became a born again Christian and never regretted it even in my own trials. I tried to read all of your post but when they are long i almost impossible for me I have ADHD. Thank you for all I could read is a testimony and I thankyou for it and sorry for your pain. God is good and Jesus IS the answer, yes you are correct.

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  4. How sad it is there are those who do not believe there is a hell. I guess the murderer and rapist will be in heaven as they are in the earth NOT! How people buy into such false doctrines has always boggled my mind. Why would God send His Son to save us from ourselves and we accept His way……while those who choose not to can inherit heaven as well. Speaking of hell there is a wonderful book maybe you have read “23 Minutes in HELL” By Bill Wiese it is life changing! This man was in hell for 23 minutes and what he encounters would make anyone not want to go there.It is filled with scripture. God Bless your Ministry.


  5. Wow- thanks for sharing this. I am excited to re-read and meditate and take it to the Word. I had a big revelation a few weeks ago that was so simple but hit me so hard…I really was still considering myself a sinner even after being born again. I accepted the worlds lie that we are all sinners forever. I was SCREAMING and SHOUTING over this! It was like HELLO…what was I thinking?! He makes us holy! Then it hit me- if we think we’re sinners we will live like sinners.

    Side note- have you heard of the ministry Revelations of Jesus Christ Ministries out of Atlanta?

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  6. I did not mean to comment this other comment…I am referring to the blog post. I haven’t fully sought out this matter but I have been shown that all of those books about being in hell are not from God. Just throwing that out there—

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  7. Thats a very interesting thought… thanks for sharing!

    I think that I have seen a couple of their videos before, but to be honest I don’t watch people on YouTube speak about Jesus anymore. It’s very rare that I do, and very rare that I have found anyone who continuously seeks Jesus for the truth about ALL things.. He led me away from YouTube because it caused me a lot of confusion. There’s a lot of Truth mixed in with just a little leaven, and that little leaven did a lot of damage to my walk with Christ.

    He definitely used some channels to confirm some things He was showing me in the beginning, but eventually led me away from everyone and taught me how to seek Him for myself so that I would become His disciple. 

    God bless you as you seek Jesus with all of your heart and seek Him for the truth in all things. 🙏🏻


  8. Well thanks to your rapture video and Charlene’s cloud video and then her rapture video I’ve been weeping tears of joy. I finally see so clear what He’s been trying to tell me. All of the pieces of the puzzle fit now. Thank you Jesus- seriously weeping. My life will not be the same.

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