A God Who Loves

There is a God who loves you deeply. A God who gave His own life for you. A God who shed His own blood for you so that you can draw near to Him with nothing in the way. A God who will walk you through the evils of this world, safely to the other side.

From what I have seen, most Christians are quick to pray for your physical needs and not to quick to tell you what Jesus did on the cross for you and that your deepest need as a human being is reconciliation with God. Quick to condemn you but not as quick to share the truth that will set you free. The wrath of God was poured out on the cross for you. He did it for you.

Theres nothing in the way of you crying out to Jesus. All sin has been paid for eternally for all people. When the Lord revealed this to me I didnt understand what it meant… I am still asking Him for more understanding .. because all I see in the world is sin and darkness.. There is no Life apart from Christ.

Everything apart from Him is death. I see death and i see Life. Spirit and flesh. From without and also within.

But the veil has been torn. Sin has been removed. I was thinking back to last year… I knew a girl who was struggling with alot of stuff. Drugs and alcohol… alot of behavioral stuff. She was a Buddhist. For a second, the Lord showed me what she was going thru and how she needed Him. He showed me that there was nothing in the way of her just turning to Him. He didnt see all of her sin in the same way that people see it. He wasnt standing over her with His finger pointed at her, and He wasnt counting her sins against her. He wanted to help her. He wanted her to turn to Him. He wanted her to be reconciled.

I see videos of street preachers that make me so angry. Just yelling some truth at people. They dont know Jesus. How far from Gods heart to yell at people and call them names, telling everyone that they’re sinners and they’re going to hell. If they had ever asked Jesus what hell actually is, and sought Him for the truth, they would know that they are far from His heart and led by a different spirit. 

Jesus speaks to people so individually, depending on where their heart is at. It’s the most intimate thing ever to speak to a person about their deepest need as a human. It’s not something you yell at a bunch of strangers with a loud speaker and a video camera.

Sorry… off on a tangent.

The churches turned Him into a religion led by man, and the street preachers quote words from the bible with no understanding. But there is a God who loves you and who calls you unto Himself.

Jesus is not a cracker or grape juice. He doesnt want your tithe or care if you get dunked in water. He wants to put His Spirit in you and change you. He wants to complete you. Seek Him until you find Him and know Him. He will teach you all you need to know.  turn to Him with all your heart and He will do the work IN you. ❤

4 thoughts on “A God Who Loves

  1. This is so beautiful! Refreshing as a gush of cool water to drink. The Spirit and the bride say whoever thirsts, come and drink freely from the fountain of Life! He paid a high price so we can have all things freely.

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  2. I always think about how Jesus was furious at the pharisees because not only would they refuse to enter into the kingdom themselves but they would keep others away from His Kingdom too.

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