Magick Blood

Wanted to write a little bit about “pleading the blood”.

There are so many witches disguised as “Christians” and most of churchianity is just a big witchcraft party.

The church I came out of was full of spiritism and something soooooooo different than what I know now as truth. They called it “christianity” and prayed to someone named “jesus” but it was definitely not Jesus of Nazareth (although they would tell you differently).

“Pleading the blood” is straight witchcraft. It is calling on a spiritual force, rather than Christ Himself… and sure you may get results from it, but it’s not from God.

When I first came to Christ I was so caught up in this type of magick and thought it was of Christ because thats what church people told me. I would “plead the blood” over everything as though it was a magic layer that would cover everything in protection. Its like an incantation or a spell… putting some words together calling on a force for “protection”.

Shortly after I came to Christ, I remember a time of being really spiritually attacked and “pleading the blood” over myself for a good 10 min and I started to feel a layer of something spiritual covering myself. I couldn’t believe it was “working”. I know now it was a different spirit.

When I came out of the churches, layer by layer, Jesus showed me truth when I sought Him for it.

It’s the same thing as adding “in Jesus Name” to the end of a prayer to have your own will be done or to make sure “God can hear you”… those words mean something entirely different if you ask Jesus for understanding.

If Jesus got a scrape on His leg, His blood wouldnt heal you of anything. It’s not magic. His Blood was the perfect sacrifice to atone for sin. 🙏🏻

Seeking truth and walking in it is how we are delivered from the enemy. It’s always the truth that sets us free.

7 thoughts on “Magick Blood

  1. So true.. its taking a thing out from Him, separating it, making it its own thing.. His blood, instead of the person.. like when they took His clothes n cast lots for it.. all while He was hanging there for them just a few feet away. Like the Pharisees seeking scripture instead of coming to the One it testified of. His Name, so true.. in the name of Jesus.. just words. He places us in Christ. Agreed abt spells n name it n claim it etc. Superstition n witchcraft.

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  2. Wow you said it way better than me.. lol… seperating Him out and making something apart from Him…
    i had a friend who would take communion everyday vecause Jesus “blood” was her medicine… so i started doing that. When i left all that behind, Jesus told me going for a walk and talking to Him was communion. ❤


  3. Also wow… i never realized they took His clothes (righteousness) away… and He became sin, who knew no sin, that we would become the righteousness of God in Him.


  4. Ah far out. I knew this lady who took communion too. She said she saw some crumbs fall to the ground then later, went n ate em off the floor bc it was too precious. I think Stained By the Spirit said this, who can bring Him up or down? We cant conjure Him, but He is in us.

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  5. It’s pointless to try to use HIS name if you don’t have HIS character and Spirit. That is in the heart. Names reveal. HIS name is SALVATION. You just can’t slap SALVATION on the outside if it’s not on the inside. GOD BLESS and have a great day.

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  6. “In the Name of Jesus” means in the power of the Holy Spirit ❤ to be led by the Lord is where the power is. That’s something He taught me last year. 🙏🏻

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