the love of the world is hatred

the love of the world is hatred… im not talking about loving the world and the things of it (world system, politics, religion, etc), which is antichrist, but the type of love that the world gives is hatred… the love that the world gives comforts the flesh. Its a love that is void of Christ. 

Programs and self-help and non-profits… sure God can use all these things for His purposes and He has, even in my own life, to get me to a place that i needed to be to find Him, but all of these things lack Christ and so they are the false love that the world gives.

Ive been watching a channel on youtube where a guy talks to drug addicts and asks them questions, people send in donations, etc. Jesus is showing me its void of Him and thus it is hatred. Its starting to piss me off watching these people receive deodorant and toothbrushes but not the truth that will set them free. The hope and the help people need is only found in Christ. He is the only real, lasting, change.

God is the Only One who loves. Once you come to know the love of God, there is no other love. Gods love fills the void. He completes you. 

How do we love our neighbor as ourselves?  By sharing Christ as He leads. 

There is One hope, One way, One truth. ☝️

5 thoughts on “the love of the world is hatred

  1. Love this…th world boasts in love n caring n helping but its all hate…i hate seein it too…i find myself really at odds with th world thst fronts its own version of good, which is a false christ…n which, in Truth, is really hate…

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  2. Th leaven of th pharisees…it puffs up th whole loaf … th love of th world puffs up too…they loved their own th wotld loves its own … so did peter when Jesus said do u love (agape) me n peter said yes Lord i love (phileo, brotherly love, ones own) you…only th love of God in Christ Jesus is love that never fails, keeps no record of wrong, seeks not its own, etc…

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  3. Love this.. makes me remember how last yr, I was stressing bc I didnt think I was being loving. I had a dream where I told my sister, “this is how I love you. I want you to know Christ!” It was so strong that it resonated in my dream n woke me up. God loved us so much that He gave His Son (sent Christ into us) and this love is the desire for Him to be in us.. then we love others n desire Christ for them. Theres sooo much fake love, flattery, and stroking the flesh in this world. All who hate Him love death. Theres love or hate, belief or unbelief, life or death, Christ or satan, flesh or Spirit.. same things, one or the other period.

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  4. Agreed. The world’s love is all fluff and flattery… Jesus told me the road to hell (destruction) is sugar coated and paved with flattery. Stroking the flesh when what people need is Christ.

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