The Testimony of Jesus

Behold, he cometh with clouds (in His people, filled w His Spirit); and every (spiritual) eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him (Christ died for all/ we ALL pierced Him): and all kindreds of the earth (IN you) shall wail because of him (the battle of flesh vs Spirit). Even so, Amen. Revelation 1:7

There is only one testimony and that is the testimony of Christ. The testimony of Jesus IS the Spirit of prophecy because ALL prophecy is fufilled when a person is born again and Christ in dwells a person.

The testimony of Jesus is what He did on the cross and what He does IN His people in the New Covenant. Drawing them to Himself, and putting His Spirit in them. A born again person IS the Testimony of Jesus. Christ fulfills all things IN His people.

Christ brings His people thru every trial. Thru every fire and every flood. He overcomes this world IN us. He changes us.

Even as the testimony (Spirit) of Christ was confirmed IN you: So that ye come behind in no gift (Christ in you IS the gift); waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (ongoing, the overcoming of this world IN you by Christ):
1 Corinthians 1:6-7

Gods people ARE His Testimony. Living epistles. His Witnesses. He is our Temple and we are His Candlesticks. His Bride. His Holy City. His Angels. His Prophets.  The leaves on His tree for the healing of the nations. We bare the record of the word (Spirit) of God. We are HIS workmanship. New creations. Complete in Christ.

Seek Jesus with all of your heart for truth and for His Spirit. You must be born again.

6 thoughts on “The Testimony of Jesus

  1. Love love love this…so many are waiting fa outward manifestations when th real is already here…beautiful abt His testimony…we really can rest in Him n know we lack nothing, n that it is finished n unfolding in us…

    Christ in us th hope of glory…Christ in us…living epistles…living stones…i always amazed how His Word is one complete thought…no deviation…nothing extra…just one complete thought…

    It was always Him first n last …His dwelling…His Son…His family…His Kingdom…

    Christ in us…the way of the truth life is resurrection life…

    One God, one Kingdom, one Faith, one ppl, one Voice, one Word…

    Th old is passed away…behold all thangs are become new…

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  2. Beautiful! Love this abt how we wait for His coming to overcome every place inwardly. I always struggled with the passage b4 where it says people groan to be clothed upon. I know the dead dont think of Him or long after Him, but we def groan.. just to know Him in all the places inside of us, to be set free, filled with Truth, to see Jesus.. clothed, covered, conquered..

    I love that abt every eye too.. the only eyes that see are of His Spirit in us. Jesus said the world wont see me but you will see me. Thats deep! Love ur post!

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  3. I replied to this in the wrong place… love what you wrote about we wait expectation for Him inwardly! Groaning for Him makes me think of something g write, that on Patmos all John knew of Christ wasnt enough.

    The world wont see Him but His people will. Love all you wrote here!

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