the cross is your reflection

The cross is a mirror and a reflection of our sin. A reflection of every good thing you’ve done and every bad thing you’ve done. A reflection of all humanity. A reflection of who you are. Charlene shared on this… Beautiful, convicting words. I’ve been thinking on those words for a few days. The title of this post came from the words that she spoke.

When I was in the churches all I heard about was how much Jesus loves me because I’m so amazing and valuable. They had these (what I call) “identity” parties, where they pretty much just celebrated and worshipped themselves. Marching around declaring who they are… there was nothing really about Jesus or the cross..  I threw away the identity doctrine from the churches a long time ago and just asked Jesus to build Himself up in me. Knowing who you are in Christ cant be learned from reading the bible or believing scriptures, only from walking w Christ over time. He will build His identity IN you.

All they talked about was love.. except I never heard about the cross… which is the only definition of love that I am coming to know. God is the Only One who Loves.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13 

The cross is the Love of God for mankind… and also His Righteous Judgment. The Blood of God Almighty poured out for the forgiveness of our sin. 

I’ve come to understand that love is not an emotion. Emotions come from the flesh but love and truth only come from Jesus. Love and truth came by way of the cross.

So many prophesy “Gods Judgment is coming” but His Judgment already came by way of the cross 2000 years ago. The world is ALREADY judged. Guilty. That’s why we are called out of the world. We walk in a Kingdom outside the world. Gods Kingdom is already here.

There is nothing new under the sun, and what’s going on in the world doesnt seem to be worse now than from the beginning of time. My grandmother was a holocaust survivor and her whole family was murdered brutally at the hands of the nazis when she was 14… I’m sure if she was still alive she would tell you that this ain’t nothing compared to what she endured. That same spirit of the world is still at work in the world and has been in the world since the beginning.

People like to think of themselves as not so bad… but the truth is that we are corrupted with sin to the very core. Regular humans murdered my grandmas family. My family.

The cross is your reflection. It’s a mirror of yourself and who you truly are. The cross is personal to each of us. 

It’s easy to say Jesus died for the sin of the world… but He died for YOUR sin. It was YOU He went to the cross for. Willingly. Nobody forced Him to die. He laid His own life down.

seek truth… so many have emotional experiences and think they’re born again… I used to be the same way for years… but I was filled w the Spirit when Jesus produced in me a godly sorrow that caused me to cry out to Him for forgiveness by showing me my own reflection. HE produced it when I prayed for the truth. I didnt cry or shed any tears… it wasn’t an emotional experience, it was only the truth about myself. a mirror. it was different than me just knowing I was a sinner… Jesus produced it in me… no person can produce a godly sorrow, only Jesus can. You cant muster it up yourself. I was terrified to admit to Him that I wasnt saved and I am so glad He brought me to that place of humility… I kept resisting what He was showing me, convinced that I was already born again, declaring scriptures over myself, but Jesus was like no Tatiana you need to see what I’m showing you about yourself… I remmy when I realized I wasnt saved and Jesus told me to cry out to Him… HE told me to cry out… I just held my breath and closed my eyes and Jesus raptured me and all of a sudden I was standing before Him as though I was naked in my own righteousness. I saw what I was. I said God I am lost please forgive me.  When God shows you the truth about yourself theres nothing else you can say. And boom, He poured His Spirit in me.

That is the love of God. It is the truth that sets us free. It’s the cross that reconciled thw world back to God. The cross that made it possible to be filled with Gods Spirit. That is the only love there is and the only love that matters. ❤

6 thoughts on “the cross is your reflection

  1. without a true understanding of sin, th cross is meaningless…sooooo agree wit th identity party…th harlot keeps ppl claiming stuff over theyself n talkin abt who they are…n they never get to th truth of Christ…love that He works a Godly sorrow and causes us to cry out fa Him…most have no true idea of sin–its a mere doctrine…th cross also…swallowed whole n never looked at again while ppl chase after a better adamic life n complain abt th very hardships th Lord Himself is using to bring repentance, Godly sorrow n truth into them…th revelation of Christ is so deep n powerful that its impossible to leave anyone receiving it unchanged…sin is not our teacher…th Lord doesn’t use sin to teach us anythang…it is judged by th cross n done away wit in His resurrection…

    I also love that regular ppl brutally murdered … ppl like to demonize but th truth is it is th sin of ordinary humans that perpetrate evil…even th most wicked isnt anythang greater than zn ordinary human…its good fa all of us to know that…because calling some ppl monsters makes our own sin seem insignificant…which itvisnt…its good to remmy that sdam wasn’t a pedophile…or nazi…or wife beater or racist or anythang we can identify as monstrous…he was just a guy who disobeyed God–he sinned–and because he sinned, he died…death is th wages of sin…

    th Lord showed me yrs ago, th crown of thorns that Jesus bore, th stripes, th burden of that cross, th horror of His death…that is adam’s inheritance, tho he thinks he builds a kingdom, it is nothing more than a tomb…that crown of thorns is adam’s crown…

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  2. Youre so right that people complain about the hardships the Lord uses to bring repentance… I see that so clearly right in front of my eyes… peoples lives falling apart and instead of turning to Jesus they just complain about it.
    I been asking Jesus about sin more and more. Asking what it actually is.. It’s not what I thought… it’s not just this is sin and this is not. Sin is literally everything that comes from us. Everything we are and everything we do. Understanding more and more that the flesh cant be fixed, the new creation has to grow in its place.

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  3. So true abt how we were altogether in sin, and there are no shades of gray, only gross darkness. I remember as a homeschooling mom n when the kids were young, people wld post stuff abt keeping the kids pure and raise them away from the world. The thought was that if they werent exposed to evil, then they wld grow up pure n clean. I initially took my kids into homeschooling for a reason not far from that too. Yet Jesus says no good comes from any of us, and that we are all born in sin. It is what comes out of us that defiles us.. that heart, mind, desire, will, etc was already shaped in iniquity. Its all the stuff religious people can cover up easily on the outside but nothing is hidden from Him.

    I love that abt identity parties too, bc there is no good in us n Christ in us is the only good. He is our identity now. I remember these posts all over.. “Jesus died for you bc you were worth it.” When in reality we werent, and He did it bc He was the only One worthy to do it for us.

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