I am deeply grieved when I see people making money off the Name of Jesus… 

Recently I saw a testimony that touched my heart of someone coming to Christ on one of those youtube channels that pull testimonies from everywhere… I thought wow, Jesus gave me some of those same revelations when I first came to Him. I just so happened to find her channel today with her whole channel about Jesus being monetized… yep… you gotta watch 2 commercials if you want to hear what Jesus has done in her life and what He wants her to speak about. Oh, and theres a link to “donate to her ministry”… it’s like everytime I see this stuff my heart sinks. Gianna said its expected from the world, but it hurts from those who claim Christ.

When I see the monetization I know Christ is not in it. He doesnt let His sheep profit from the things He teaches us for free… or ask for donations while using His Name on our platform. idk why it’s so grieving to me but it is.

People trust Christ to save their soul but not pay their bills? God has always been faithful to me in that area… taught me to only ask Him for what I need. There have been many times if He didn’t come thru for me I would be on the streets. Literally. He is able to provide. Sovreignly. 

Do people claiming Christ really think He is giving them words and encouragement for others so they can make money from it? Turn His Name into a source of income? Call it “ministry”?? Do they think that Jesus is telling them to collect money from others so He can tell THEM what to spend it on? Are they Gods middleman in regards to money?

I see some “discernment” ministries making money (monetizing) by mocking souls that are perishing. Let that sink in.

I see it starting out w loving Christ and going into a downward spiral of being puffed up thinking you know Jesus better than everyone else, and prophetic words and some anointing from 3 or 4 thousand years ago that God wants to give you. You hit a thousand subscribers and then it’s time to turn on the monetization. Have a link to donate to you because you sit in your living room and encourage people in the Lord? Jesus is not in these things.

How come it seems like people utter the Name Jesus think it comes w a paycheck? You have the nerve to ask for a donation to tell me about Jesus while telling me that you know Him? Monetize a testimony about hell? For REAL?!? People building their own kingdoms and putting Christs name on it.

You want to be paid for sharing your love with others? In the real world that’s called prostitution.

Just a small rant. 

15 thoughts on “Je$u$

  1. I agree with u. He paid a high price, so all of His is given to us freely. Come and buy of Him.. without money, without price.. whoever thirsts, come n drink for free. Its bad on youtube and its bad in many countries where churches say ur money is called seeds. I love ur title btw! I also love how we have Him to provide for us!

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  2. when a body becomes a business, thats prostitution…those who sell Him have never known Him…n also….i found many ppl who sell “revelation’ are usually selling a rev they got frm someone else…like Simon th conjuror…wanna use th Name Paul used…without having th relationship paul had…

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  3. the church has become a harlot….all those process and steps and procedures and ways, all things and books and get down low and go up high to bring GOD down or conger HIM up, worship longer, fast for more days…..they sell it…..but the thing is even if you could get it to work, where is the pratical application to maintain it…..don’t say in your heart, who can ascend and bring GOD down, and don’t say in your heart go down and bring HIM UP! Well what does it say, it says HE IS NEAR YOU ALREADY. ALREADY THERE. No doing involved at all! IT IS FINISHED. All DONE at the CROSS. GOD BLESS

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  4. I did a search for ‘lake of fire’ and literally read verbatim what the Lord recently taught me about it in your post…beasts and false prophets IN us being consumed by His Spirit… it’s like finding treasure to find one of Gods people. God bless you! 🙏🏼❤🙏🏼

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  5. This situation where people monetize their sites bothers me greatly too. It’s sickening.

    As you are aware, I have written an ebook about various matters about Christianity.
    I wanted to make it free of charge, but Amazon requires a minimum list price of 99 cents. So I had to list it at that price in order for it to exist. But, I’ve published its entire contents on WordPress and Facebook so that anyone can read the whole thing free of charge. And that is my preference, if people read it free of charge.

    Lord bless your pursuit of truth. 🙏

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  6. I know you have your comments off… but I read your post ‘somebody loves you’ and I just want to give you a big hug and tell you that you arent alone and you arent the only one who feels that way. I am praying that the Lord will comfort you and draw you close to His heart. God bless. ❤

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