I have been struggling with spiritual attacks more this year than any other year… it seems like my whole walk with Jesus has just been a huge war with bits of freedom here and there… I take 1 step forward and 2 steps back… then 2 steps forward and 1 step back… and the beat goes on…

Awhile ago Jesus told me that spiritual warfare is a war against truth. He taught me that real deliverance is walking in truth, not demons putting on a show… deliverance is seeing things as they truly are… thru His eyes… that’s how Jessus brings real freedom. I used to cast demons out of myself for hours to no avail before Jesus taught me that it’s the truth that will set me free… to cast out a demon means to speak the truth from the Heart of God that sets a person free from oppression. Seems like every time Jesus sets me free, the enemy is right there to snatch that truth right outta my heart again… the words (spirit/truth/living water) that Jesus speaks bring life and freedom… the chains fall off when Jesus speaks… He came to set the captives free… NOT point His finger at people and condemn them.

I was listening to religious people for so long give “messages from God” about Jesus throwing people in the fire and cutting them off for not bearing good fruit and I really started to look at Jesus as a harsh taskmaster that just hated everyone. They were called out of the churches also so I thought for sure they were hearing from Jesus. Nope. I am so glad Jesus led me away from such people and their doctrine… I really had to go back to the basics and remind myself of who Jesus is and what He has brought me thru… to ask Jesus to remind me of who He is… Jesus doesn’t lead me with fear… He leads me with truth and love. Jesus Himself produces good fruit in me because only He is good. He accepts nothing less than Himself and its nothing that a human can produce… God builds Himself IN me, He wills me to follow Him and leads me by His Spirit…. not me trying to produce good fruit with my works. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Phew. Remembering when I was born again, Jesus let me see myself with no filter… as I truly was before Him in my own righteousness… wretched… and that included every single thing I had ever done myself to please Him… when you see yourself thru the eyes of Jesus… as you truly are… there is nothing you can do but cry out to God “have mercy on me, a sinner” you will be able to say as Paul did… there is no good thing in me… the only good thing in me is Christ… may I be found in Him alone…. The only good is what Christ produces in me. Himself. It is Christ IN me that does the work 🙂 I don’t think anyone can really understand the mercy of God until they know what they are.

Fear is a spirit… it attaches to what we are afraid of… meditating on lies from the enemy causes fear and torment. For me it is debilitating. I get paralyzed with fear at times…. But God is faithful to teach me how to battle… He tells me to put my eyes on Him… to behold Him… to remind myself of who HE is… and not of who I am… its amazing how quick the fear and panic disappear when I remember who Jesus is… Great is the faithfulness of God. He will always lead me out of deception… just like He always has…. He will always show me truth… He leads me to quiet waters… He restores my soul… Great is the faithfulness of God… there is none faithful like Him.

2 thoughts on “warfare

  1. Thats so wonderful! The battle is real, but it is His. He makes us stronger against these fear attacks (Ive had tons too) and it is sooo true that its by seeing Jesus that causes us to be steadfast again. The enemy does everything he can to make us look at our fears instead. I love ur journey in Christ!

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  2. It’s like the more I listen to the enemy and become afraid it just snowballs into being paralyzed w fear… looking at Jesus and walking in truth is the only freedom!

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