seeing thru the eyes of my saviour

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. -Matthew 5:7

Last year, I was working in a drug rehab as a house manager. One of the girls who came to live in my house, I was told before she came, was transgender, or had gender identity issues, and wanted to be called they/them pronouns instead of “she”. I completely had an anxiety attack because i knew that the Lord would not allow me to use those pronouns and i didnt know how to handle it. I went for a drive and started asking Him to give me wisdom and to help me.

He shared His Heart with me, and I want to share. The first thing He told me was that transgenderism is rooted in self hatred. Hatred of who God created you to be. From such a young age we have devils whispering in our ear “you’re so ugly, you should have been a boy, you’re fat, nobody loves you” etc. You get the idea. My whole life I have listened to those same voices. Not the ones telling me I was the wrong gender, but hating myself for other reasons. I tried to kill myself multiple times. It’s the same voice. The Lord told me that I could relate to this young lady in the area of self hatred and to share how He set me free. He then told me that if I called her they/them instead of she, that I would be affirming what the devil has been whispering in her ear her entire life. That I was to affirm who God created her to be, a beautiful young lady who was fearfully and wonderfully made, created with care and concern from the very heart of God and that He didn’t make a mistake with her. Whoa!

Anyways, when I got back to the house, I called her over to chat with me and I shared with her exactly what Jesus had showed me. We were both literally in tears when I was sharing what Jesus told me to. I couldn’t believe how much compassion He has for people, even those in the deepest, darkest, sins.

Jesus showed me that young lady through His Eyes. It changed everything. He most definitely was not excusing her sin, at all. He doesnt overlook sin. But when I saw her through Gods Eyes, every ounce of condemnation I thought God had for was changed to compassion. My heart changed when Jesus shared His with me.

Immediately after our conversation, she went to her room to pray. She started dressing differently immediately because she said she felt God wanted her to dress different. She would come to me and ask me could we talk about God and then excuse herself because she wanted to pray and build her own relationship with Jesus. I was blown away at how the words Jesus gave me for her went straight to her heart. I saw her change right before my eyes. He didnt condemn her, or call her an abomination or anything like that.

To see the whole LGBT community celebrating what satan whispers in their ear is heartbreaking. He wants to kill them. Jesus brings Truth and Life.

I will forever remember that convo… rivers of living water flowing from the throne in my heart. Christ in me.

I recognize that spirit who is giving so many people their “messages” of condemnation. I used to hear from it all the time, and I thought it was Jesus for the longest, because everything it said was true. It would give me “messages” for people, usually condemning them in some way and confronting their sin, and me thinking it was out of love for their soul that i was speaking these condemning words to them because it was the truth. It wasn’t until I really sought Jesus about it and asked Him to show me people through His Eyes,  that I realized all of these messages and words I thought were from Him, was a condemning spirit and sometimes they even came from my own heart. I had a lot of apologizing to do after that…it was really a humbling experience.

I want to encourage anyone reading this to ask Jesus to show you people through His Eyes and with His Heart. You will be a changed person. You will see how lost and broken people are and in need of Jesus. You will weep over souls instead of condemning them. Even the most religious hypocrite, Jesus wants to set them free, I know that because I used to be one. He has led me to speak with many people without sugar coating anything from His Heart, even when He has led me to sharply rebuke people He was pleading with them to repent, wanting to have mercy on them. When you see people through the eyes of Jesus, you will be able to speak to their heart because He will share His with you.

 People that give “messages from God” will be judged more harshly than others. It is extremely wise to be VERY slow to speak in the Name of Jesus, and really REALLY make sure that you are not speaking words from your own heart or from a condemning spirit and thinking its Jesus. 

Jesus showed me the truth when I diligently sought Him to show me people through His Eyes until He did. I stopped picking people apart and started to weep for them with Jesus. I started to pray that Jesus would have mercy on them and set them free. Thats His Heart. He will show you that person who was abused as a child, and WHY they’re doing what they’re doing, even the darkest sinner. He will show you how much mercy He has and how broken people are in desperate need of Him. It will bring you to tears. You will be a changed person.

I often think about Acts 7, and how the only way Stephen would ask Jesus to forgive the people who were stoning him, instead of condemning them was if He saw them through the eyes of Jesus. 

Blessed are those who seek Jesus diligently for the truth about themselves and their OWN heart and are not offended by what they are shown.

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