speaking in love

Have been thinking of fearlessness and something that happened when Jesus started showing me the truth about churches and religion and religious ppl… I was gonna rent a room from a man and he was the pastor of a home church and his whole thing was that God had called him to be a pastor and that was who he was and it’s a call from God … he even had a business card saying something like “who is YOUR pastor? It’s a call from God” or something like that… it was all about him… anyways… I didnt understand that he was religious and Jesus had just called me out of the churches and he had a home church and he had said something like Benny Hinn was a wolf… so i thought we were the same… he invited me to a bible study that he broadcasted to his congregation… well I got up and started sharing all the stuff Jesus had taught me about holidays and churches and the guy kinda looked horrified that I was saying all these things… I was so excited to share bc I thought we were of the same spirit! Lolol! I didnt realize until after that he was even more religious that a lot of people and what I was saying was really offensive to Him….I was sharing out of love for the truth and with excitement and not out of fear because I thought I was talking to someone who would understand…

it was EASY to share when it’s out of love and from the new heart… have been thinking about that lately… 

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