thou shalt make no graven images

back in November last year I was staying close to the beach for about a month…. I would wake up and walk about 50 feet to the sand… the majesty and power of the waves was breathtaking… there arent really words to describe the oceans majesty…. it’s so vast, powerful, and mysterious. 

while I was staying there, one day I asked Jesus why He is against graven images… I am always amazed when God puts a question in my heart to ask Him at just the right time…

I walked over to the beach and started collecting shells… I knew I was not going to be at the beach forever and wanted something to help me remember this time that God gave me in this beautiful place… I collected  a pocket full of shells…. I looked at these dinky shells, and then looked at the majesty of the ocean right in front of me… there was no comparison of the two…

to try and remember what the ocean is like from a dinky little shell is insulting to the ocean… same with God… the only way to know the majesty of God is to know Him NOW… as He IS… not from looking at a cross or a picture or an alter or a building or a book…. cant mix the majesty of the Living God with man-made stuff. 💕

6 thoughts on “thou shalt make no graven images

  1. Wow, I just love this so much!! Beautiful!! I also remember abt how many things are a shadow of the true. Yet when you compare a shadow to the true image.. the shadow lacks so much.. no detail, no form, no life, no beauty.. just darkness. We can know the true image Himself, Jesus Christ! Like u shared abt the ocean.. no comparison whatsoever, He puts all things to shame ❤

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  2. People find so many things to idolize while they keep their hearts and mind off of serving the one true God the ultimate image of perfection that cannot be graven. Another very good truth filled post ENJOYED. God Bless your ministry.

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