the law was all prophecy

Everything Jesus did that is recorded in the gospels was a prophecy of the new covenant… except He was showing us and not telling us. He was illustrating in the natural what takes place in the spiritual when a person is born again…

When a person is born again(filled with Gods Spirit) , they are baptized in (living) water, cleansed of their leprosy(sin), healed of their sickness(given a new heart/Spirit), raised from the dead(spiritually), delivered of demons(deception), and speak with new tongues (truth/Spirit/words from Gods Heart). They have turned from water to wine. Jesus comes in and drives the moneychangers(sin) out of the temple(the heart) when a person is filled with His Spirit. They are married to Christ (who is not in adultery because He died to the old covenant before joining to His bride)

They are transferred from the Great Tribulation/kingdom of darkness (mans kingdom of the beast) into the Millenial Reign/Kingdom of Light (Christs Kingdom on earth) and their robes are washed in blood. They will baptize many in the name of Jesus (immerse people in truth/share the gospel).

A person who is filled with Gods Spirit can take up serpents(false teachers/brood of vipers as John the Baptist called them), and drink poison (false doctrine) without being hurt(for long) because Christ will eventually lead His sheep into all truth and away from deception.

Jesus said that the law prophesied (For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John.Matthew 11:13)… the law of God IS the Spirit of God… not the letter… the law was written in parables also… prophesying of the new covenant…God does not delight in religious rituals…

Jesus said tthe law prophesied (of Him), and He came to fufill the law (prophecy). (Thanks to my friend Dennis who broke this down for me).

3 thoughts on “the law was all prophecy

  1. Love this! This is what Jesus meant when He said greater works than these shall u do, bc I go unto the Father. He sent His Spirit into us n the true image of all things is come ❤

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  2. He even taught me how to understand prophecy in the OT…me… who barely graduated high school. Lol. Jesus is the best teacher!


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