False Visions/Experiences

Was talking with a friend the other day about some false experiences i had and wanted to write about them.

The first false vision that i had was at a megachurch in south orange county. it was the first church i ever attended after Jesus made Himself known to me becuase it was down the street from my house. Saddleback Church. I didnt have a clue back then. I thought everyone who who said they were a christian actually knew Jesus. I thought churches were where christians go.

This was a few months after i first came to Jesus…At this church there was a speaker. It was a middle eastern guy. He was sharing how he was attacked by a demon and called on the name of Jesus… or something like that… At the end of his talk he said “my prayer for all of you is that you will see Jesus the way I did” As soon as he said that i had an open vision of Jesus’ face… or what i thought was Jesus face. It was the face of a painting of Jesus i had seen before, painted by a child. with my eyes open, all I could see was Jesus face for about 5 minutes straight. I am going to put the picture of the face that i saw.

It was terrifying… like I said, I didnt have a clue at that time… i felt that something was very wrong, but i didnt know what. I figured because the vision was of Jesus, it MUST be from God.

Several years later when i started to research the girl who had the vision of Jesus and painted it, I noticed that her Jesus was different than the real Jesus. He was a lovey dovey fluffy Jesus. He required nothing of His people…. thats not the Jesus i know now, who requires everything of me. He was a new age Jesus. I immediately burned the photo i had of this painting.

A few years ago I was in so much deception. I was living in adultery, part of the false church system, and working for a loan shark… all the while with a bible in my hand and thinking i was on my way to heaven. I had many spiritual experiences during that time that I thought was from Jesus, however, they were from the enemy. When i came to a point that i just wanted to know the truth more than anything, I told Jesus that I would throw away all of the spiritual experiences to know the truth.

Sharing another false vision i had. I was praying with some people over the phone. I was tormented by demons at the time because i had gotten off the narrow path (read above paragraph). I had a vision that i was about 11 or 12 and i was in a beautiful place with a beautiful white wedding dress on. In the vision i had very thick eyebrows… it was something i never liked about myself, but in the vision they looked beautiful. I thought this vision was how Jesus saw me… the enemy is so deceptive… so important to go to Jesus for truth…

Another experience i remember vividly… i was laying in bed while completely deceived and living in sin. I remember praying that i wanted the Holy Spirit… I had walked off the narrow path and married someone that Jesus told me not to… went back into the false church system…after praying that prayer…at that moment i felt waves of peace and love flowing thru my whole body… it felt SO good… almost like a euphoria…. i used to shoot up heroin so thats what i compare it to. waves of peace and love and total forgiveness flowing thru my body… then these sounds started coming out of my mouth… i was praying in what the church people called tongues… gibberish words coming out of my mouth like a song…..i used to think back to this experience and it brought me so much comfort…. it wasnt until i really started asking Jesus to show me the truth that He showed me that it was an antichrist spirit.

about 2 years later… i came to a point where i didnt want to be deceived in any way. i would hold on to some of my spiritual experiences for comfort. I felt like the Lord was asking me to give them all up to know the truth, so I did. I told Him i would give them all up… He very gently opened my eyes to how deceived i was and that none of those visions were from Him. The enemy is so slick.

When i was filled with the real Holy Spirit, Jesus brought me to such a place of humility, where i knew deep in my core that i was a sinner headed for hell. When I cried out to Him with that conviction and He poured His Spirit in me, it came with so much understanding. I felt His Anger over sin (my sin) and also His forgiveness. The new tongue God gave me was TRUTH, i understood so many things in the moment that I was truly born again. It was because Jesus poured Himself into me and Righteous Anger is a part of who He is. He taught me very quickly that He doesnt overlook sin, but He does forgive when we turn to Him 100%

I will be adding to this post as time allows, i had so many false experiences, its hard to remember all of them.

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