Gods people are the lost and the broken

Have been thinking lately who are Gods people? There have been a few times that Jesus has told me that someone belongs to Him and you would never know in a million years…they arent walking with Him yet… someone struggling with gender identity issues, a woman trapped in religion, someone of a different faith, a crack addicted prostitute that Jesus told me has more of His Heart than the ones who claim His Name… wow right?

I was thinking back to my days before Jesus… I was in some really dark places in my mind. Nobody ever shared the love of God with me when i was in those places. Even when I went to places that were swarming with “christians” only one couple ever told me about Jesus when I reached out to ask them. Why were most silent? Maybe because I slept around? Have tattoos? Drank? Used drugs? They were afraid of rejection? They didnt think I would receive it? They didn’t want to offend me? I wonder if any of them ever prayed for me? 

I realize now its because none of them walk with Jesus. They dont even know Him, they’re just religious. How can you know the love of God and not share it with someone who doesnt? Someone that you see week after week who is in a dark place?
Christian’s are so quick to condemn others and that they deem “not worthy” of Jesus…. 

That homeless prostitute addicted to drugs that so many Christians just walk by with their noses up, is someone who’s life Jesus wants to save. It’s someone for whom Jesus died….

 I see some “discernment ministries” just condemning others for who they associate with and think they would probably condemn Jesus too for associating with prostitutes and tax collectors.

Gods people are the lost and the broken… the ones who know their need for Him… and even those who arent even aware of Him.

Jesus is close to those who are suffering. He is close to those who others walk by and ignore. Even those who are not walking with Him.

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.
Psalms 51:17

2 thoughts on “Gods people are the lost and the broken

  1. Thats powerful.. makes me remember the story of the man who was robbed n beaten in the streets n left for dead. The enemy comes to steal, kill n destroy. The religious people walked to the other side of the road n passed Him by. The good samaritan came.. any time it speaks of good, I remmy only God is good. He came n carried this man, n paid more than enough for this mans needs. Thats Jesus. Christ in us is the same Jesus that carried people n paid more than enough.


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