The Cross (from a newbie)

About a month ago I started asking Jesus to teach me about the cross. I never believed any church person that told me my sins were forgiven because they all practiced sin, and never really believed that I wias forgiven…

It’s been 2 years since I’m filled with the Spirit and the only thing I knew was “Jesus died on the cross for my sins”… I didnt even know where to start looking or reading… so I went for a walk and just asked Jesus to teach me.

On my walk.i remembered hearing once about “the great exchange” that took place… my first thought was He was naked, so I am clothed (in His Righteousness), then He was blindfolded (and I am given sight)…. I never realized that each and every minute detail had such spiritual meaning.

Attaching the list I made after that walk, after reading Isaiah 53 and the end of the gospels.

All of this took place while I was a sinner, and as Paul wrote “I am chief”. It blows my mind that God Almighty HIMSELF did all of this on my behalf.


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