Jesus is Gangsta

Jesus is gangsta (thx g!). Thats how I’ve been thinking of Him lately. He came to smash religion and break every barrier between us and Him. To tear down brick and mortar and every stumbling block. He didnt come to give us a bible study and a water baptism. He didnt come so we could turn Him into a religion, a conference, or a ministry and use His Name to steal 10% of peoples income and turn Him into a business. He didn’t come so we could serve Him by sitting in a building twice a week and sing songs like it’s a memorial service. He came to save people and to forgive sin. To pay the price and tear the veil. To give us life and a new heart/spirit. Christ is alive and He doesnt want/need any memorial services in His honor. He is the Living God. 

Jesus isnt scared of the darkness. At all. Jesus charges into darkness (the heart of man) to set the captives free. He goes places that no one else will go. He exposes all the lies. The deception. He sets people free. Truly.

Thinking today about cups and how cleaning the outside is just religion. I quit using drugs, quit smoking, started sitting in a building, reading a book, and listening to a guy talk for an hour and a half twice a week. But I was not changed on the inside. My heart was the same. My dress code, friends, and activities changed, but i was the same lost person on the inside. Until I MET Jesus in spirit and he poured Himself into me.

I think of Jesus driving out the money changers from the temple. That it was a prophecy of the second coming (new covenant/Holy Spirit). That’s what He does when He fills us with His Spirit. Everything that is not of Him must go. He drives it out. 

I think if people knew how much Jesus hates religion/church systems/rituals they would fall in love with Him. If they knew how gangsta Jesus is… people FLOCKED to Jesus when He walked the earth. Everyone wanted to be around Him! The lost and the broken followed Jesus everywhere! They hungered and thirsted for His Righteousness! Everyone except the religious people! They condemned Jesus because He didnt do all their rituals or Sabbaths. He didnt sit in their buildings and conform to their religion. They hated Him so much that they murdered Him. Can you imagine that? The ones who claimed to follow God are the ones who had Him killed.

Nothings new under the sun. Nothing has changed. The same people who had Jesus killed are the same ones who try to kill the Spirit of God inside a person.

4 thoughts on “Jesus is Gangsta

  1. Hey Jessie! I lived a rough life. Lol when I think of Jesus has a gangsta, it’s like in a Robin Hood way. Lol
    I have a notebook I carry with me too to write stuff down too. I like paper. There’s something comforting about seeing something written down and being able to carry it. ❤


  2. Thanks for sharing ❤ I’m so glad I get to stay in touch here, since I’m not staying on YouTube for however long it may be. Lol. Gangsta, I thought it’s like a person in the mafia? LOL! I don’t know what that word is, even though I’ve heard it worldly sense as “cool”. colloquialisms are weird and always changing. sigh. I’m so old-fashioned I knit and read books and write things down ON PAPER. omgoodness. LOL! Anyway, none of my comment is much related to your post. so far. LOL. Yes, I agree that Jesus came to set us free from…wait for it: RELIGION. I know. It is so freeing. I am so thankful. Every. Day. Hallelujah!


  3. This post tells it like it really is as you say in Jesus day the religious people hated Him,as well as the religion’s of today! You are on fire for the Lord and thankfully not afraid to speak the truth that is placed in your heart. The true church of Christ is not a building as you said,but we are a SPIRITUAL house built through the spirit. (1 Peter 2:4-10). Loved this writing!!!! God Bless your work in Him.

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