No Sin Will Enter Heaven

Theres no sin in Christ… last year the Lord told me “No sin will enter heaven”…. I took that to mean that I must clean myself up. IMMEDIATELY. To rid myself of any and all sin. To examine myself thoroughly and extensively and pick myself apart. I was looking at myself and judging myself so harshly because I thought if I didnt judge myself so harshly than how would I ever learn?
So for the next year I struggled with perfectionism. To rid myself of all sin. Condemning myself when I failed and patting myself on the back when I deemed myself “worthy” and “acceptable” to God. It was a very hard year for me. Those religious spirits swoop right in. They make sure to put people in our path to tell us just how righteous God is and what His standard is. They love to remind us of our failures so that we start to look at ourselves instead of looking at Christ. 
Jesus allowed me to go thru this for over a year to show me that I could never please Him in my flesh. It’s like chasing something that you can never catch. Ever.  It’s that dangling carrot in front on you.

Jesus came to save sinners. There is no sin in heaven because Jesus is Heaven. We are in Him when we receive His Spirit and IN Him there is no sin. He is the Lamb of God who takes away sin. Jesus Christ is the God who forgives sin. All of it. From the beginning to the end. He paid for all of it and He didnt leave any out or forget to forgive one. It is finished. 
Those who know Him do not continue in sin. Those who continue to sin never knew Him. ❤

5 thoughts on “No Sin Will Enter Heaven

  1. love this…love that we can’t but He already did…it is truly finished…n our lives unfold in Him as He is revealed in us…i know u already know…ijs…love this post…we all take th scenic route now n again…but He is always th final destination…thats His promise to all of His…

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  2. This is like brand new for me! Hah! I spent the last year beating myself up so bad. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! He’s finally giving me understanding!


  3. I talk abt takin th scenic route…but apart frm Him…our evil lusts n stuff we think we shld be doin…its all flesh so its all wicked… leads us astray…but in Him…He sometimes…with me anyway…walks me thru it…exposes it all…it don’t lead us astray because we are in Him…n then He frees us or rather shows us we are free n rises up in that exact place…n we are free indeed…hard to explain…

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  4. I never thought about it that was but it’s so true! It’s like He leads us into deception to show us and then leads us out.


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