the law was all prophecy

Everything Jesus did that is recorded in the gospels was a prophecy of the new covenant... except He was showing us and not telling us. He was illustrating in the natural what takes place in the spiritual when a person is born again... When a person is born again(filled with Gods Spirit) , they are baptized … Continue reading the law was all prophecy

False Visions/Experiences

Was talking with a friend the other day about some false experiences i had and wanted to write about them. The first false vision that i had was at a megachurch in south orange county. it was the first church i ever attended after Jesus made Himself known to me becuase it was down the … Continue reading False Visions/Experiences

learn to be your greatest encourager in the Lord

I wrote this email to a friend earlier, but I wanted to post it because I feel like it might be helpful to someone else. I used to condemn myself and others a lot... especially myself. Jesus started to teach me to be my own best friend. To encourage myself in the Lord the way … Continue reading learn to be your greatest encourager in the Lord

Gods people are the lost and the broken

Have been thinking lately who are Gods people? There have been a few times that Jesus has told me that someone belongs to Him and you would never know in a million years...they arent walking with Him yet... someone struggling with gender identity issues, a woman trapped in religion, someone of a different faith, a crack … Continue reading Gods people are the lost and the broken

The Spirit Gives Life

There are NO barriers between a person filled with the Spirit and Christ Himself in the New Covenant. Anything placed between Jesus and a person is a stumbling block. It is the SPIRIT who gives life and nothing else. You can quote scriptures until you're blue in the face and have no understanding from Jesus (just like the Pharisees).The ONLY … Continue reading The Spirit Gives Life

No Sin Will Enter Heaven

Theres no sin in Christ... last year the Lord told me "No sin will enter heaven".... I took that to mean that I must clean myself up. IMMEDIATELY. To rid myself of any and all sin. To examine myself thoroughly and extensively and pick myself apart. I was looking at myself and judging myself so harshly because … Continue reading No Sin Will Enter Heaven